Alumni Spotlights

UD alumna reflects on time at UD, experiences at veterinary school
December 10, 2015
UD graduate works with youths, grows crops at Historic Penn Farm
December 1, 2015
UD’s equine science minor offers research, hands-on experiences
November 16, 2015
CANR recognizes recipients of Worrilow, Distinguished Alumni awards
November 12, 2015
UD graduate Natalie Miller finds success working with animals large and small
November 9, 2015
UD graduate Jenna Byers finds career with Kellogg’s
November 2, 2015
UD graduate Lemond Adams goes from kitchen to classroom
October 21, 2015
UD professor, graduate look at effects of non-native plants on herbivores
September 28, 2015
Tallamy, Darke to present in-depth discussion of book ‘The Living Landscape’
September 9, 2015
UD graduate Radhika Samant finds career with Thomson Reuters
July 28, 2015
UD graduate Jessica Palmer offers advice to future vet school applicants
July 8, 2015
New forested wetland planted on UD’s Newark Farm
May 6, 2015
UD alum dives into world of sea animal stranding, health, rehabilitation
April 13, 2015
UD alumnus finds potentially dangerous fleas on New York City rats
March 3, 2015
UD graduate goes to work as a herdsperson at Herr Angus Farm
November 18, 2014
UD alumna plants community garden on abandoned tennis court
November 11, 2014
CANR recognizes recipients of Worrilow, Distinguished Alumni awards
October 28, 2014
MANRRS alumni return to talk about careers, time as students
May 19, 2014
Class of 1964 returns to CANR campus to celebrate their 50th reunion
May 16, 2014
UD alumnus Michael Balick returns to give talk on ethnobotany
April 23, 2014