Faculty Assessment, Policies, & Committees

Mission Statement

The Department of Animal and Food Science is committed to provide education, service and leadership for regional, national and international stakeholders through development, integration and dissemination of knowledge of animals used for food, fiber, companion, and recreational purposes; and for safe, responsible, ecologically sustainable, and competitive food production.

Peer review of the teaching process can:

  • Improve the quality of teaching and learning through open discussion and systematic critique
  • Help cultivate a collegial atmosphere through dialogue about common issues of concern
  • Provide a more comprehensive evaluation of teaching by examining aspects not covered by student evaluations
  • Provide data for promotion and appraisal purposes

The process can be requested by the department chair and /or a faculty member at any time in his/her career, however the results of the observation and assessment are shared only between the observers and the faculty member, unless the faculty member chooses otherwise. The process is a three step process and is outlined in more detail in the attached document.

Committee Membership

Membership of the two standing committees in ANFS for the 2013- 2014 academic year (effective immediately). Thanks to those faculty who rotated off committee assignments this year and thanks to the faculty below for serving ANFS.

  • ANFS Promotion and Tenure Committee
    Election Results for 2014 – 2015
    Carl Schmidt (Chair)
    Haiqiang Chen
    Calvin Keeler
    Dallas Hoover
    Eric Benson
  • ANFS Courses and Curriculum Committee
    Lesa Griffiths
    Calvin Keeler
    Marlene Emara
    Hong Li
    Tanya Gressley
    Kali Kniel (Chair)
  • ANFS Graduate Advisory Committee
    Haiqiang Chen
    Behnam Abasht
    Changqing Wu
    Carl Schmidt
    Eric Benson
    Mark Parcells (Chair)