Mission Statement: The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources is committed to promoting an inclusive and supportive environment for all faculty, staff, and students. The CANR Diversity Committee is actively developing activities, training, and programming aligned with UD’s Diversity Action Plan.

Learning More about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.

This is an appropriate month to reflect on the positive messages offered by Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. If you’d like to explore a website that informs a diverse audience about King’s dream of global peace, visit The Martin Luther King, Jr. Research and Education Institute. You’ll find an array of publications, workshops and programs. Also, the site includes archived recordings of King’s most famous speeches. A great listen!


CANR Diversity Committee Members

  • Afraa Al Hchaimi, graduate student representative
  • Susan Barton, PLSC faculty representative
  • Ashleigh Bothwell, graduate student representative
  • Doug Crouse, CANR Cooperative Extension representative
  • Katie Daly, Undergraduate Student Services representative
  • Deborah Delaney, ENWC faculty representative
  • Rocio Garcia, undergraduate student representative
  • Tanya Gressley, CANR Chief Diversity Advocate and ANFS faculty member
  • Lesa Griffiths, ANFS faculty representative
  • Catherine Hamrick, CANR Communications Manager
  • Mufasa Johnson, undergraduate student representative
  • Palaniappa Krishnan, APEC faculty representative
  • Finnigan Madison, undergraduate student representative
  • Christy Mannering, CANR Web Developer
  • Kawkab Rasheed, CANR Diversity Liaison and Business Officer
  • Adam Thomas, CANR Communications Specialist
  • Kathleen Wright, undergraduate student representative
  • Sameeha Zele, undergraduate student representative

Feedback and Committee Membership: The College’s Diversity Committee members welcome your comments, questions, and feedback via the link below. All members of CANR (undergraduate students, graduate students, staff, and faculty) interested in serving on the committee are welcome and can join by following the link below.feedbackbutton


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