Jeff Buler


  • Ph.D. Biology, The University of Southern Mississippi, 2006
  • M.S. Wildlife, Louisiana State University , 1999
  • B.A. Biology , St. Mary’s College of Maryland, 1995

Regular Courses Taught

  • ENWC 416/616, Wildlife Habitat Management, Fall
  • ENWC 667 Landscape Ecology, Spring


  • Radar Biology
  • Avian Ecology and Migration
  • Landscape Ecology
  • Conservation Biology

Graduate Students and Post-Doctoral Researchers

7. Boone, Matthew. In Progress. The response of severe and unusual weather on autumnal avian migration and the evolution of avian weather prediction. M.S. Wildlife Ecology.

6. Schreckengost, Tim. In Progress. Validation of NEXRAD data of bird migration stopover sites on the Delmarva peninsula. M.S. Wildlife Ecology.

5. Adalsteinsson, Solny. In Progress. The influence of urban forest characteristics on tick-borne disease dynamics. Ph.D. in Wildlife Ecology (Co-advised with Dr. Greg Shriver).

4. Horton, Kyle. In Progress. Examining songbird migration along the Delaware Bay: A comprehensive approach. M.S. in Wildlife Ecology.

3. Sieges, Mason. In Progress. If You Flood It, They Will Come: Quantifying Waterbird Response to the Migratory Bird Habitat Initiative. M.S. Wildlife Ecology.

2. La Puma, David.2013. Radar analysis of bird migration stopover sites in the southeastern U.S. Post-docoral Researcher.

1. Duren, Ken. 2010. A predictive habitat model for northern bobwhite (Colinus virginianus) in Delaware. M.S. Wildlife Ecology. (co-advised with Dr. Chris Williams).


Generally, JJB  will appear as second or last author if publication is a mentored student project. Google Scholar reported citations: 264, h-Index = 8, i10-Index = 8. Goggle Scholars Report Page


14. K. G. Horton, W. G. Shriver, and J. Buler. 2015. A Comparison of traffic estimates of nocturnal flying animals using radar, thermal imaging, and acoustic recording.  Ecological Applications.


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1. Buler, J. J., and R. B. Hamilton. 2000. Predation of natural and artificial nests in a southern pine forest. The Auk 117:739–747.


Contact Information
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Assistant Professor of Wildlife Ecology

Entomology and Wildlife Ecology
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