Robert M. Dyer, V.M.D, Ph.D.


  • Ph.D. Immunology-Virology, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, 1991
  • V.M.D. Veterinary Medicine, School of Veterinary Medicine, University of Pennsylvania, 1975
  • B.S. Animal Science, University of Massachusetts, 1971

Current Courses

  • ANSC 140: Functional Anatomy of Domestic Animals
  • ANSC 441: Reproductive Physiology of Domestic Animals


  • Genetic improvement in dairy cattle productivity has created a constellation of periparturient disease problems. We employ an integrated approach to understand transition cow disease pathogenesis. The goal is to improve dairy cattle health, productivity and profitability by exploiting advances in bovine genomics and knowledge of the role of metabolic, inflammatory and gastrointestinal elements in disease susceptibility. Design and evaluation of StepMetrixTM system for the diagnosis of lameness in dairy cattle.

Professional Activities

  • American Veterinary Medical Association
  • American Dairy Science Association
  • American Association of Immunologists
  • American Association for the Advancement of Science
  • American Association of Swine Practitioners
Recent Publications

Vertical Limb Movement Variables, Locomotion Score and Compensatory Load Redistribution in Weight‐Bearing Lameness of Dairy Cows R. M. Dyer ‡ , N. K. Neerchal † , U. Tasch § , Yukun Wu † , Dyer § P. G. Rajkondawar * For J Dairy Science 2009.

Bovine Coronary Region Keratinocyte Colony Formation Is Supported By Epidermal‐Dermal Interactions J. A. Mills 1 , D.S. Zarlenga, † and R.M. Dyer (in print, Journal of Dairy Science 10/09.

Tol Receptor Ligands Trigger Pro‐ and Anti‐inflammatory Cytokine Expression in Keratinocyte‐Fibroblast Co‐Cultures of the Bovine Sensitive Lamina (J Dairy Science)MUTUAL GROWTH FACTOR AND CYTOKINE INDUCTION DURING BOVINE CORONETTE KERATINOCYTE AND FIBROBLAST INTERACTION, J Dairy Science 2008.

Enhancing the Prediction Accuracy of Bovine Lameness Models through Transformations of Limb Movement Variables. J. Liu, N. K. Neerchal , U. Tasch, R. M. Dyer, and P. G. Rajkondawar.

J. A. Mills*, D.S. Zarlenga†, P. Habecker††, R.M. Dyer*1Age, Region and Inflammation Affect Cytokine, Growth Factor and Receptor Expression in the Epidermis and Dermis of the Bovine Claw.(submitted J. Dairy Sci, 2008)

J. A. Mills*, D.S. Zarlenga†, R.M. Dyer*1Coroneete Keratinocyte colony formation is supported by epidermal-dermal interactions in the bovine claw. (submitted J. Dairy Sci, 2008)

R. M. Dyer‡, N. K. Neerchal†, U. Tasch§, Yukon Wu†, P. Dyer§, P. G. Rajkondawar*.Relationship of Locomotion Score to the Magnitude of Vertical Limb Movement Variables in Dairy Cows

R.M Dyer. Reproductive workshop for producers. TAI Programs, Conception Failure and Early Embryonic Death. Dover Delaware. 2007. Titles within this series included:

D. Zhang, D. Arola, R. Reprogel, W. Zheng, U. Tasch and R. M. Dyer, A Method for Characterizing the Mechanical Behaviour of Hoof Horn, Journalof Materials Sci, 42: 1108-1115, 2007.

R. M. Dyer, N. K. Neerchal, U. Tasch, Yukon Wu, P. Dyer, P. G. Rajkondawar. Objective Determination of Claw Pain and Its Relationship to Limb Locomotion Score in Dairy Cattle  J Dairy Science 90-: 4592-4602, 2007.

R.M. Dyer. Vaccination Programs for Dairy Cattle.  Dairy Days, Dover , Delaware, February, 2006.

R.M. Dyer. Calf Hutch Design and Management.  Dairy Days, Dover , Delaware, February, 2006

P. G. Rajkondawar, M. Liu, R. M. Dyer, N. K. Neerchal, U. Tasch, A. M. Lefcourt, B. Erez, and M. A. Varner. Comparison of Models to Identify Lame Cows Based on Gait and Lesion Scores, and Limb Movement Variables J. Dairy Sci. 2006 89: 4267-4275.

J. A. Mills* and R. M. Dyer* ,Keratinocyte stem cell expression is supported by epidermal-dermal cell interactions in the bovine sensitive lamina in vitro. Lameness in Ruminants, 14th International Symposium, November 8-11, 2006, Colonia, Uroquay

R.M. Dyer. Lameness and lameness detection in dairy cattle..  Dairy Days, Dover , Delaware, February, 2005


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