Yan Jin


  • Ph.D.,Environmental Toxicology, University of California, Riverside, 1994
  • M.S.,Soil Chemistry, New Mexico State University, 1989
  • B.S.,Soil Science, Agricultural University of Hebei, China, 1983

Current Courses

  • Contaminant Fate and Transport in Soil
  • Environmental Soil Physics


  • My research interest is in the general area of measurements, modeling, and interpretation of contaminant fate and transport in porous media. Since 2001, my research activity has been mainly focused on two major areas: (1) colloid and colloid-facilitated contaminant transport in porous media, with emphasis on the vadose zone, and (2) developing a potential new technology for removal and inactivation of waterborne viruses (and other microorganisms). Current research topics include 1) evaluation/quantification of the effect of land application of wastes on fate and transport of viruses in porous media; 2) mechanistic investigation of colloid retention and transport mechanisms in saturated and unsaturated porous media; 3) examination/quantification of agglomeration and transport potential of manufactured nanoparticles in porous media; and 4) developing a technology of using zero-valent iron to remove pathogenic microorganisms from water.For more details, please see the Environmental Soil Physics Lab Website.

Professional Activities

  • Associate Editor: Vadose Zone Journal, 2003 – present
  • American Chemical Society
  • American Geophysical Union
  • Association of Chinese Soil and Plant Scientists in North America
  • Soil Science Society of America

Recent Publications

Shen, S., B. Li, Y. Huang, Y. Jin. 2007. Kinetics of coupled primary- and secondary-minimum deposition of colloids under unfavorable conditions.  Environ Sci. & Technol. (in press)

Lazouskaya, V. Y. Jin, D. Or. 2006. Interfacial interactions and colloid retention under steady flows in a capillary channel. J. Colloid. Interf. Sci. 303:171-184.

Han, J., Y. Jin, and C. W. Willson. 2006. Effect of ionic strength and surface hydrophobicity on MS-2 and fX174 transport through saturated and unsaturated columns. Environ Sci. & Technol. 40: 1547-1555.

You, Y., J. Han, P. C. Chiu, and Y. Jin. 2005. Removal and inactivation of waterborne viruses using commercial granular iron. Environ Sci. & Technol. 39: 9263 – 9269.

Zhuang, J., J. Qi, and Y. Jin. 2005. Retention and transport of amphiphilic colloids under unsaturated flow conditions: Effect of particle size and surface property. Environ Sci. & Technol. 39: 7853 – 7859.


Contact Information
Yan Jin


Plant and Soil Sciences
157 Townsend Hall

Newark, DE 19716
Phone: (302) 831-6962

Email: yjin@udel.edu