Joshua Duke


  • Ph.D., University of Wisconsin – Madison, 1998
  • M.S., University of Rochester, 1994
  • B.A., University of Vermont, 1992

Current Courses

  • APEC/ECON343 Environmental Economics
  • APEC/LEST450 Environmental Law


  • Land Use, Natural Resource and Environmental Economics, Law and Economics, Property Rights

Professional Activities

  • Associate Editor, Water Resources Research
  • President, Northeastern Agricultural and Resource Economics Association
  • Editor (with JunJie Wu), The Oxford Handbook of Land Economics
  • Water Science and Policy, Program Committee
  • Advisory Panel on Nutrient Trading, Chesapeake Bay Commission
  • Council of Fellows, Delaware Environmental Institute
  • Distinguished Member, Northeastern Agric. and Res. Econ. Assoc.
  • Editorial Board, Land Economics

Current Sponsored Research

  • NSF-WSC-I, Water Sustainability in Coastal Environments: Exploratory Research for an Integrated Study of the Effect of Anticipated Sea Level Rise on Contaminated Site Risk
    • Duke (PI), Sparks, Michael, Messer (Co-PIs)
  • USDA-National Integrated Water Quality Program, Water Quality and Ecosystem Services from Landscape Best Management Practices that Enhance Vegetation in Urbanizing Watersheds
    • S. Inamdar (PI), D. Tallamy, J. Bruck, S. Barton, J. Duke (Co-PIs), 2/2012-1/2015
  • NSF, Collaborative Research: An Experimental Economics Investigation of Groundwater Resource Dynamics
    • J. Suter (PI), K. Messer, H. Michael, J. Duke (co-PIs), 2010-12
  • Delaware Environmental Institute, An Economic Analysis of the Visual Effects of Offshore Wind Projects
    • K. Messer (PI), J. Duke, G. Parsons, J. Johnson (co-PIs), 2011-14
  • USDA, AFRI, Understanding the Appreciation of Preserved Farmland Values and Evaluating Policies to Enhance Farmers’ Access to Preserved Farms.
    • B.J. Schilling (PD); Project Leaders (Co-PIs): J.M. Duke, J.D. Esseks, L. Lynch; Senior Personnel (Co-PIs): P.D. Gottlieb, L.J. Marxen, K.P. Sullivan, 2009-14.


Recent Publications

  1. The Oxford Handbook of Land Economics, ed.Joshua M. Duke and JunJie Wu. 2014. New York: The Oxford University Press. 735 pages with 28 chapters by leading scholars in land economics.
  2. Joshua M. Duke and JunJie Wu. 2014. Land as an integrating theme in economics. In The Oxford Handbook of Land Economics, ed.J.M. Duke and J. Wu. New York: Oxford University Press, 1-19.
  3. Joshua M. Duke and JunJie Wu. 2014. Future research directions in land economics. In The Oxford Handbook of Land Economics, ed.J.M. Duke and J. Wu. New York: Oxford University Press, 723-35.
  4. Joshua M. Duke. 2014. Eminent domain and the land assembly problem. In The Oxford Handbook of Land Economics, ed.J.M. Duke and J. Wu. New York: Oxford University Press, 698-722.
  5. Messer, Kent D., Joshua M. Duke, and Lori Lynch. 2014. Applying experiments to land economics: Public information and auction efficiency in ecosystem service markets. In The Oxford Handbook of Land Economics, ed.J.M. Duke and J. Wu. New York: Oxford University Press, 481-510.
  6. Duke, Joshua M. 2013. Property rights and the environment. Pp 75-79 in Volume 3 of Encyclopedia of Energy, Natural Resources, and Environment, ed. Jason Shogren.  This chapter is also published in Elsevier’s Reference Module in Earth Systems and Environmental Sciences, which is available on-line.
  7. Schilling, Brian J., Kevin P. Sullivan, and Joshua M. Duke. 2013. Do residual development options increase preserved farmland values? Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 38(3):1-17.
  8. Popkin, Jennifer H., Joshua M. Duke, Allison M. Borchers, Thomas Ilvento. 2013. Social costs from proximity to hydraulic fracturing in New York State. Energy Policy. 62:62-69.
  9. Miller, Kate, and Joshua M. Duke. 2013. Additionality and water quality trading: Institutional analysis of nutrient trading in the Chesapeake Bay watershed. Georgetown International Environmental Law Review. Vol. 25(4):521-47.
  10. Duke, Joshua M., Steven J. Dundas, Kent D. Messer. 2013. Cost-effective conservation planning: Lessons from economics. Journal of Environmental Management 125:126-133.
  11. Arnold, Michael A., Joshua M. Duke, and Kent D. Messer. 2013. Adverse selection in reverse auctions for ecosystem services. Land Economics 89(3):387-412. (Senior authorship shared).
  12. Suter, Jordan F., Joshua M. Duke, Kent D. Messer, and Holly A. Michael. 2012. Behavior in a spatially-explicit groundwater resource: Evidence from the lab. American Journal of Agricultural Economics 94(5):1094-1112.
  13. Duke, Joshua M., Allison M. Borchers, Robert J. Johnston, and Sarah Absetz. 2012. Sustainable agricultural management contracts: Using choice experiments to estimate the benefits of land preservation and conservation practices. Ecological Economics 74:95-103.
  14. Borchers, Allison M. and Joshua M. Duke. 2012. Capitalization and proximity to agricultural and natural lands: Evidence from Delaware. Journal of Environmental Management 99:110-117.



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