Maria Pautler


  • M.S. Soil Chemistry, University of Delaware 1988
  • B.S. Plant Science, University of Delaware 1985


Program Coordinator of the Institute of Soil and Environmental Quality: Plan, organize, and coordinate activities of the ISEQ, a center at the University of Delaware that is directed by Dr. Tom Sims. The ISEQ is billed as “a center of excellence for research, education, and outreach programs that provide science-based solutions to contemporary soil and environmental problems.” The mission of the ISEQ is to 1) conduct basic and applied research on soil and environmental quality issues; 2) serve as an unbiased scientific advisory body for state, regional, and national advisory and regulatory agencies, policymakers, and governmental leaders on issues related to soil and environmental quality; and 3) conduct public education and outreach programs designed to further public understanding of soil and environmental quality issues and thus foster effective citizen involvement in environmental policy-making.

Duties are: co-investigate ISEQ initiatives with Dr. Sims; interface and understand the scientific work of graduate fellows and undergraduate interns who are funded by the ISEQ to incorporate their soil and environmental quality findings into outreach programs; interface with the public and private sector on soil and environmental science issues; and develop and provide training programs and educational aids related to soil and environmental sciences for K-12 teachers as well as support environmental education activities for youth, parents, and teachers, such as summer environmental camps.

Group Manager: Provide general and technical assistance to undergraduate and graduate students and to postdoctoral researchers and assistants in the design and implementation of their projects in laboratory, greenhouse, and field research, and other specialized work areas. Train students in basic soil and plant science analytical and safety procedures. Maintain research equipment, computers, and facilities.

Researcher: Establish and maintain experiments as needed and be responsible for analysis of soils, plants, wastes, water, and other samples. Coordinate analyses and subsequently interpret field and lab data for research projects, including preparation of tables and figures and statistical analyses of experimental results. Compile results and prepare progress and final reports, and journal manuscripts. Participate in local, regional, and national professional meetings to gain more information, develop professional expertise, and present research results.

Facilities and/or Equipment Responsible for

  • The Environmental Soil Management Research Lab, located in 212 Worrilow Hall
  • The Old Greenhouse Cold Room

Professional Activities

  • Member – Soil Science Society of America
  • Member – American Society of Agronomy
  • Past Chair – Association of Women Soil Scientists
  • Treasurer – UD Ag Alumni Association

Contact Information
Maria Pautler

Research Associate III

154D Townsend Hall
Plant & Soil Science
Newark, DE 19716
Phone: (302) 831-0847