Titus O. Awokuse


  • Ph.D., Agricultural & Applied Economics, Texas A&M University, 1998
  • M.S., Economics, Murray State University, 1994
  • B.S., Economics, Berea College, 1992

Current Courses

  • APEC 406, Agricultural and Natural Resource Policy
  • APEC 410, International Agricultural Trade and Marketing
  • APEC 810, International Agricultural Trade Special Topics


  • International Economics
  • Economic growth and development
  • Agricultural market structure and price analysis
  • Food Security
Professional Activities

  • Editor (with Joshua M. Duke), Agricultural and Resource Economics Review
  • Presidential Fellow, Salzburg Seminar
  • Member, American Agricultural Economic Association
  • Member, American Economics Association
  • Member, International Agr. Trade and Research Consortium

Recent Publications

Awokuse, Titus O., Keith E. Maskus, and Yiting An. “Knowledge Capital, International Trade and Foreign Direct Investment: A Sectoral Analysis” Economic Inquiry (2011, forthcoming).

Awokuse, Titus O. “Food Aid Impacts on Recipient Developing Countries: A Review of Empirical Methods and Evidence.” Journal of International Development 23(2011):  493-514.

Awokuse, Titus O. and Hong Yin, “Does Stronger Intellectual Property Rights Protection Induce More Bilateral Trade? Evidence from China’s Imports.” World Development 38(2010): 1094-1104.

Awokuse, Titus O. and Hong Yin, “Intellectual Property Rights Protection and the Surge in FDI in China.”  Journal of Comparative Economics 38(2010): 217-224.

Duke, Joshua M., and Titus O. Awokuse, “Assessing the Effect of Bilateral Collaborations on Learning Outcomes.”  Review of Agricultural Economics 31(2009): 344-58.

Awokuse, Titus O., Chopra, A., and David A. Bessler, “Structural Change and International Stock Market Interdependence: Evidence from Asian Emerging Markets.” Economic Modelling 26(2009): 549–559.

Awokuse, Titus O. and Xiaohong Wang, “Threshold Effects and Asymmetric Price Dynamics in the US Dairy Market,”  Canadian Journal of Agricultural Economics 57(2009) 269–286.

Awokuse, Titus O. and Dimitris K. Christopoulos, “Nonlinear Dynamics and the Export-Output Growth Nexus: A Time-Varying Smooth Transition Autoregressive (STAR) Modeling Approach,” Economic Modelling 26(2009): 184-190.

Awokuse, Titus O. “Trade Openness and Economic Growth: Is Growth Export-led or Import-led?” Applied Economics 40(2008): 161-173.

Awokuse, Titus O. “Causality between Exports, Imports, and Economic Growth: Evidence from Transition Economies.” Economics Letters 94(March 2007): 389-395.

Awokuse, Titus O. “Market Reforms, Spatial Price Dynamics and China’s Rice Market Integration: A Causal Analysis with Directed Acyclic Graph.” Journal of Agricultural and Resource Economics 32(April 2007): 58-76.

Awokuse, Titus O. “Export-led Growth and the Japanese Economy: Evidence from VAR and Directed Acyclic Graphs,” Applied Economics 38(2006): 593-602.

Awokuse, T. O. and J. Yang. The Informational Role of Commodity Prices in Formulating Monetary Policy: A Reexamination,” Economics Letters 79(2003): 219-224.

Awokuse, T. O. “Is the Export-led Growth Hypothesis Valid for Canada?” Canadian Journal of Economics 36(2003):126-136.


Contact Information
Titus O. Awokuse

Professor and Chairperson
Professor of Economics (joint appointment)

Applied Economics and Statistics
207 Townsend Hall

Newark, DE 19716
Phone: (302) 831-1323

Email: kuse@udel.edu