Experiential Learning

Over the course of the program all Fellows work collaboratively to accomplish several group projects. A Fellow is chosen to lead each project or event.

Professional Outreach Project

The Professional Outreach Project is an annual project executed collaboratively by all Fellows. The Program Leaders and participants from the client institution guide the project’s execution. Fellows determine an area of interest in public horticulture they wish to explore and send a request for proposals to public gardens within a 60-mile radius. A proposal is selected and the Fellows then work within a budget to execute and complete the project. The client is not financially responsible for any aspect of the project. The Professional Outreach Project takes place between June and early October, culminating in a final presentation to the client institution.

For the Fellows, the project offers the opportunity to engage with professionals and build proficiency in collaboration within a chosen area of interest in the field of public horticulture.


The Longwood Graduate Program Symposium is a one-day event held each March for professionals from public horticulture, museums, and related organizations. The event is largely conceptualized, planned, coordinated, and implemented by the Fellows.

The Fellows learn new skills and enhance others through topic and speaker selection, graphic design and marketing, fundraising for and sponsorship of the event, and all aspects of the guest experience.

Program Brand Identity

The work performed under the direction of Program Brand Identity is largely handled by an assigned First and Second Year Fellow under the guidance of the Program Leaders, and Longwood Gardens’ Marketing and Communications Department; however, at certain times, the lead Fellows will require the involvement of all current Fellows for input and/or discussion. Program Brand Identity initiatives include generation of promotional materials, maintenance of the Program blog, social media and website development, and any other projects relating to the Program’s public presence.

Longwood Mentorship

Working with the Program Leaders, Fellows select a mentor from Longwood Gardens to meet with quarterly for the duration of the Program. Through the mentorship, Fellows acquire and develop professional skills and attitudes for personal, institutional, and career success.

Board and Committee Positions

Fellows are given the opportunity to serve on executive boards and committees associated with local public gardens and environmental non-profits. These opportunities provide invaluable lessons in non-profit governance and operations. In most of the positions, the students occupy a yearlong, non-voting position on the board or committee and actively participate in the organization.

Graduation Event

Fellows have the opportunity to host family, friends, thesis committee members, and other supporters at a Graduation Event. Planned entirely by the Fellows, the Graduation Event is an intense exercise in multi-day event coordination and planning. The Graduation Event begins with Research Seminars at Longwood Gardens, where the Fellows present the thesis research they have conducted over the course of the Program. These seminars are followed by the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources graduation ceremony at the University of Delaware. The Graduation Event culminates in a festive party at Longwood Gardens and is a wonderful way to thank those people who have supported them throughout their time in the Program.