Program Travel

International Experience

The International Experience is an integral component of the Longwood Graduate Program allowing the Fellows to capture the global impact of gardens. Each class of Fellows will travel internationally and be immersed in public horticulture institutions while networking with, and learning from, their administration. This experience, planned by the Fellows with guidance from the Program Leaders, offers a unique opportunity to navigate new cultures and customs. In order to connect on a deeper level with the environment, culture and horticulture of the country of designation, the Fellows develop a special project for their trip. As a team, the Fellows research, coordinate, and implement a practical project with relevant and impactful outcomes to public horticulture.

North American Experience

The North American Experience allows the Fellows to explore public gardens in a specific region of the United States, Canada, or Mexico. Fellows meet other public horticulture professionals, and discuss current issues within the context of their gardens. Students are assigned specific responsibilities during the North American Experience, including writing blog entries.

Summer Field Trips

The Greater Philadelphia Area is rich with notable public gardens, arboreta, and other public horticulture institutions. Their missions and collections are diverse and becoming acquainted with their staff is an important first step in building a professional network. The Program Leaders select five to seven regional institutions and accompany the First Year Fellows to these destinations to learn more about each site, its personnel, and its operations. These daylong field trips occur once a week throughout the summer and Fellows rotate photographer and blog-writing duties to document each trip.

The Fellows also have the opportunity to participate in field trips to regional gardens through the Domestic and International Student Program at Longwood Gardens.

APGA Annual Conference

All Fellows attend the American Public Gardens Association Annual Conference. APGA is a major networking organization for public gardens and public garden professionals with over 500 member institutions.

This conference is an invaluable networking opportunity for Fellows to meet public garden professionals from across the United States and the world. Fellows are encouraged to participate in the educational sessions specific to their interests, including conservation, development, programming, leadership, exhibitions, and marketing, and tours to other area gardens.