Course Information (LARC and PLSC)

Below is a list of undergraduate or graduate courses that are offered, as well as the number of credits for each courses. The courses below are generally taught at least once every other year, and some are taught much more frequently.

Course Number (Linked to Description)
Course Title (Course Syllabus will be linked if available) Credits Course Number (Linked to Description) Course Title (Course Syllabus will be linked if available) Credits
LARC103 Landscape and Field Sketching  3 PLSC100 Plants and Human Culture 3
LARC150 CAD for Site Design  3 PLSC101 Botany I 3
LARC202 History of Landscape Architecture  3 PLSC104 Botany I Laboratory 1
LARC222 Introduction to Surveying  3 PLSC120 Flower Arranging for Beginners 1
LARC232 Foundations of Landscape Architecture  3  PLSC128 The Science of Wine 1
LARC233 Foundations of Landscape Architecture  Studio  1 PLSC140 People and Plants: Feast or Famine 3
LARC250 Design Process Studio  3 PLSC151 Introduction to Crop Science 3
LARC330 The Built Environment Studio  3 PLSC154 Topics in Production and Management of Ornamental Plants 1 to 6
LARC332 Landscape Architecture Symposium  1 PLSC170 Soils and Environmental Quality 3
LARC343 Site Engineering 3 PLSC171 New Student Colloquium 1
LARC350 Urban Design Studio 3 PLSC201 Botany II 4
LARC351 Rural Design Studio  3 PLSC203 Portfolio Review 1
LARC354 Plant Ecology 3 PLSC204 Introduction to Soil Science 3
LARC364 Landscape Architecture Internship  1 to 6 PLSC205 Introduction to Soil Science Laboratory 1
LARC431 Urban Hydrology and Drainage Design  3 PLSC206 Farm to Table                   (C/L ANFS206, ANTH206, BHAN206) 3
LARC440 Professional Practice  2 PLSC211 Herbaceous Landscape Plants 3
LARC442 Stormwater Management for Sustainable Develpopment  3 PLSC212 Woody Landscape Plants 4
LARC450 Ecological Planting Design Studio  3 PLSC214 Indigenous Woody Plants of the Eastern United States 4
LARC456 Senior Design Studio  3 PLSC218 Fermentation Sciences (C/L ANFS218) 3
PLSC270 Biotechnology: Science and Socioeconomic Issues (C/L ANFS270, APEC270) 3
PLSC275 Healing Plants: Medicine, Myth, Magic  3
PLSC300 Principles of Animal and Plant Genetics(C/L ANFS300, ENWC300) 3
PLSC302 Vegetable Science 4
PLSC303 Introductory Plant Pathology 4
PLSC305 Soil Fertility and Plant Nutrition 4
PLSC310 Animal and Plant Genetics Laboratory (C/L ANFS310, ENWC310) 1
PLSC313 Turf Establishment and Maintenance 4
PLSC333 Estimating and Bidding 1
PLSC366 Independent Study 1 to 6
PLSC399 Teaching Experience 1 to 2
PLSC401 Agronomic Crop Science 3
PLSC403 Landscape Management 3
PLSC404 Plant Taxonomy 3
PLSC405 Environmental Forensics and Society 3
PLSC410 Introduction to Plant Physiology 3
PLSC412 Ecosystem Ecology 3
PLSC415 Vascular Plant Anatomy 3
PLSC419 Soil Microbiology 4
PLSC421 Nonpoint Source Pollution 3
PLSC422 Plant Propagation 3
PLSC429 Introduction to the Fungi 4
PLSC430 Urban Ecology 3
PLSC435 Plant Developmental Biology 3
PLSC437 Collections Management and Curation 3
PLSC438 Fate/Transport Soil Contaminants 3
PLSC441 Forage Resource Management  3
PLSC445 Biogeochemical Cycling of Nutrients  3
PLSC455 Issues in Plant and Soil Sciences 3
PLSC466 Independent Study  1 to 6
PLSC601 Agronomic Crop Science 3
PLSC603 Soil Physics (C/L BREG603) 3
PLSC604 Plant Taxonomy 3
PLSC608 Environmental Soil Chemistry 3
PSLC612 Ecosystem Ecology 3
PLSC615 Vascular Plant Anatomy 3
PLSC619 Soil Microbiology 4
PLSC621 Nonpoint Source Pollution 3
PLSC629 Introduction to the Fungi 4
PLSC630 Urban Ecology 3
PLSC635 Plant Developmental Biology 3
PLSC636 Plant Genes and  Genomes 3
PLSC637 Collections Management and Curation 3
PLSC640 Field Methods in Soil-Water-Air  3
PLSC641 Forage Resource Management 3
PLSC643 Watershed Hydrochemistry 3
PLSC645 Biogeochemical Cycling of Nutrients  3
PLSC671 Paradigms in Cell Signaling 3
PLSC800 Current Topics in Plant Science 1 to 3
PLSC802 Professional Development 1
PLSC805 Insect-Plant Chemical Ecology 3
PLSC864 Seminar Planning and Development 1
PLSC865 Seminar 1
PLSC868 Research 1 to 9
PLSC869 Master’s Thesis 1 to 6
PLSC874 Topics in Molecular Biology 1
PLSC964 Pre-Candidacy Study 3 to 12
PLSC969 Doctoral Dissertation 1 to 12