Undergraduate Majors – Plant and Soil Sciences

Our Department focuses on all aspects of plant and soil science, from the molecular to global, wilderness to urban environments, scientific to social concerns and field and laboratory settings. We apply chemical, biological and physical principles to insure adequate food supplies and a safe, aesthetically pleasing and sustainable environment.

The Plant Science major applies the principles of agriculture, biology and chemistry to plant life. The curriculum is flexible enough to let students create an academic program with his/her advisor that suits the student’s individual career goals.

Landscape Architecture combines science, art and problem solving with a love of nature and the world outdoors. Our collaborative industry and campus partnerships allow students to engage in projects that involve entrepreneurship, art and design, leadership and engineering.

The Landscape Horticulture and Design major fuses the creative aspects of art and design with the technical and scientific aspects of horticulture. The discipline involves the analysis, planning, design, implementation and sustainable management of natural and constructed environments.

Minors in Landscape Horticulture and Design and Environmental Soil Science are also offered.

The department also co-offers the interdisciplinary majors Natural Resource Management.