Landscape Architecture


The mission of the Landscape Architecture Program is to prepare students to become innovative leaders in the design and planning of cultural and natural landscapes with an expertise in plants and ecosystems.

Through courses, community-based service learning projects, internships, and global study abroad opportunities, students completing the four year Bachelor’s of Science degree in landscape architecture will develop diverse perspectives, critical thinking and creative problem solving skills required by future leaders in the profession of landscape architecture.

The program is currently seeking candidacy status and will apply for Accreditation.

The program will provide students with the tools they need to prepare for the state professional licensing examination.


To achieve our mission, the Landscape Architecture Program will develop students’:

❖ knowledge, skills, and abilities in key subject areas*

❖ capacity to successfully engage in the community by establishing community based service learning projects and internships

❖ capacity to solve problems successfully and creatively while advancing student’s critical thinking, collaboration, and communication skills.

❖ capacity to successfully pass the four-part state licensing examination.

*Key subject areas include plants and ecosystems; communications; site design and engineering; design, planning and management; public policy and regulations; computer applications; natural and cultural systems; sustainability; history, theory and criticism; professional practice; professional values and ethics; creative problem solving, art, business, math and science.


Jules Bruck – Director

Anna Wik

Carmine Balascio

Sue Barton

John Frett

Dave Frey

Tara Trammell

Angelia Seyfferth

Harsh Bais

Janine Sherrier

Jeff Fuhrmann

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