Jessica Spleen


Animal and Food Sciences

Equine Science

Campus Involvement:

Animal Science Club, Sigma Alpha, UD Opera Theatre, Schola Cantorum

What do you like about the UD College of Agriculture and Natural Resources?

I love that the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources is small enough to know someone in every class you take, but large enough to be full of awesome opportunities. The professors are all so nice and passionate about what they do. I love that we get lots of hands on experience with all different types of animals. Oh! And it seems like we get a lot of free t-shirts 🙂

What is your most memorable AG or UD experience?

I loved being a part of Ag Day last year. My favorite academic experience was being able to go out to Webb farm for my equine lameness and disease course, and we actually got to try out some of the lameness exams on the horses!

What are your career goals?

I would love to do something with horses, maybe become an equine nutritionist! I would also love to stay in college forever, so maybe I will become a professor.

What is an interesting or unusual fact about you?

I hope that someday I'll live on a boat! At least for a little while.

What is your favorite book, movie or song?

I'm not really a book or movie person, and I love all kinds of music! But I sure do love my Netflix TV series. 🙂

Ag Ambassador
Name: Jessica Spleen

Graduation Year: 2017

Hometown: Elkton, MD