Spencer Kates


Food Agribusiness Marketing & Management

Campus Involvement:

AGR, East Campus Community Service Chair, Complex Community Council, Ag CC

What do you like about the UD College of Agriculture and Natural Resources?

I love how small the classes are and how caring and involved the teachers are in your personal and professional lives.

What is your most memorable AG or UD experience?

Ag Day is one of the most fun events held at Townsend Hall!

What are your career goals?

I would love to work in a management or marketing position at a large, international, Agricultural firm.

What is an interesting or unusual fact about you?

I was born in Canada and lived as an international student in Tokyo for 6 years.

What is your favorite book, movie or song?

My favorite movie is Good Will Hunting

Ag Ambassador
Name: Spencer Kates

Graduation Year: 2017

Hometown: Ridgewood, New Jersey