Today I met Rosie, the Recreation receptionist of Lincoln University. Upon entering the Recreation Centre I was greeted by a friendly face peeking from behind the check in desk asking if I needed help. She was completely surprised when I told her I actually was just stopping by to meet a new face around campus.

Capture RosieAs our talk began I was able to learn a little bit about her life. A woman of English, Norwegian, and Scottish decent, she works three evenings per week as well as Sunday evenings assisting students with sporting equipment and scheduling of fitness sessions. Upon further conversation I was able to catch a slight glimpse into her life as a native Kiwi of Lincoln. Born and raised in New Zealand she moved to the town of Lincoln when she was 10 years old. Here, she finished her years of primary school and continued on to secondary school. As a fun fact, she also told me that her first job during secondary school was actually working within the Lincoln campus! Upon her completion of secondary school (what we refer to as high school in the United States), Rosie began her overseas experience. In New Zealand culture, traveling overseas after one’s completion of secondary school is a major component of the lifestyle.

Her first travels abroad took her over to the United Kingdom where she worked a handful jobs spread out over her few years living there. Eventually, Rosie decided to move back to New Zealand for a short period before returning to live abroad for another 20 years. Four of these years were spent in Australia and another 16 were spent in Scotland. She described her time in Scotland as one of her “favourite” places, specifically the beautiful city of Edenborough and the Scottish Islands. Rosie’s hobbies include gardening, cycling, walking around the hills, and walking her 2 Westies around Lincoln taking in the beautiful scenery. She enjoys planting various lettuces, tomatoes, strawberries and roses within her personal garden in Lincoln.

I was also able to give Rosie a brief look into the lives of American students. She was unaware of where Delaware was located and was interested in what we do in Delaware. I informed her about why our group is here and what we will doing throughout the next month. She was delighted to hear my compliments of the natives’ incomparable hospitality and friendliness but insisted it was all due to their stress-free lives.

Although our talk was short, I was able to catch an exceptional, simplistic glimpse into the daily life of a Kiwi. Following my talk with Rosie, I am eager to meet new Kiwis during our travels throughout the South Island and learn more about the extraordinary New Zealand lifestyle.

Erin Birmingham