Go Baby Go

In November of 2014,  the UDairy Creamery partnered with the College of Health sciences to open the Go Baby Go Cafe. The concept began with Cole Galloway a professor and researcher in the Department of Physical Therapy. He created Go Baby Go!, which uses re-purposed robotic toy cars that allow children who have trouble walking and crawling to move and play. Cole then adapted this concept into a harness system allowing adults with limited mobility, as a result of brain injury, to rehabilitate in a real-life work setting. Galloway approached the UDairy Creamery to help develop the cafe not only give patients real life work therapy but also to provide meals and snacks to the STAR campus and surrounding areas.

The Cafe is open for breakfast and lunch and is operated by UD students.

Catering Available

Go Baby Go Cafe Catering Menu & Ordering

“Catering is available on UD campus for groups of 30 or less and delivery is free.  There are no size restrictions on STAR Campus. Off campus events may be considered with a $10 delivery fee within 10 miles.”

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