Post-Application – What’s Next?

For some of you, congratulations are in order! For others, don’t get discouraged if you didn’t get in the first time around. Here are some suggestions we recommend along the way, and keep that fightin blue hen spirit alive!


Congratulations on your admission into veterinary school!

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  • You can (and should) contact the admission staff and request feedback on your application, then address the areas of concern and reapply next year.
  • Even with a strong application, acceptance is not guaranteed. You should always have an alternative career plan. Consider other advanced degrees such as the M.S. and Ph.D. Talk to your academic advisor about your interests and options. If you are interested in graduate school click HERE to find out more information.
  • You can contact the veterinary college admissions representatives to see how you can strengthen your next application
  • You can review the statistics of the incoming class and perform a self-critique to better understand where your application and/or experiences can be improved
  • You can re-take standardized exams like the GREs
  • You can use a gap-year to take upper division science courses
  • Of course! Check on your school(s) of interest as you may need to go through the VMCAS form again from the beginning.

Pursuing a second degree may make your application stronger. Colleges will evaluate both your undergraduate and graduate program and although it will take two years to complete the Master’s degree, you will have another degree in-hand when you reapply to veterinary colleges. Find out more information on graduate programs and how to apply HERE.

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