Careers and Internships

Your future is bright with a major in our college!

Click Here For Job Outlook For College of Agriculture and Natural Resources Graduates


UD’s Career Service Center team can partner with you in your career planning process as you engage in thinking about and taking steps towards realizing your career goals.  From “mapping” your career, writing a resume, practicing your interviewing techniques, networking and more, the Career Services staff is here to assist you.

Be sure to register as early as your freshman year on our Handshake , UD’s One Stop Shop for all jobs and other career resources.


Having an internship can boost your resume, provide you with valuable real world educational experience, and help you to decide whether or not a career field is for you. In addition, you may get paid or earn college credit, and you will enrich your college experience!

Where to look:


CANR Affiliated Internships

Talk of Townsend – This is a blog maintained by the Office of Undergraduate Student Services for the purpose of sharing information about upcoming events, important academic deadlines, career and internship opportunities, news from student clubs and more.


Keeping track of your academic progress towards graduation should be your No. 1 priority! You have been assigned one or more faculty or professional academic advisors to assist you during your UD academic career. They are just one of the many resources available to provide you with academic support. Staying on top of your academic progress is key to having a successful and rewarding college experience.


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Current Undergraduate Students

Our college is an educationally rich environment bursting with life and learning, where students are invited and encouraged to be full partners in their education.

You are ultimately responsible for all the decisions you make both academically and personally while a student here at UD.  Therefore, we strongly encourage you to get to know your academic advisor, become knowledgeable with UD’s undergraduate catalog, and ask lots of questions.

For current students, the Office of Undergraduate Student Services has an open-door policy and family-like environment that promises to…

  • Provide resources and support for academic advisement.
  • Provide information on our programs of study and opportunities to visit our part of campus for those interested in declaring a major/minor in our college.
  • Connect you with faculty mentors and other support offices on campus.
  • Be there for you from your first day of school through graduation day and beyond!

Office of Undergraduate Student Services talk-of-townsend
104 Townsend Hall
Newark, DE 19716
Phone: (302) 831-2508
Fax: (302) 831-1360

Call or email us anytime!