Alumni Award Winners

2017 Worrilow Award Winner

  • James L. Glancey

2017 Distinguished Alumni Awards

  • David Morris (Distinguished Alumni Award)
  • Dr. Robert Cohen (Distinguished Alumni Award)
  • Ronald Ferriss (Distinguished Alumni Award)
  • Joseph Rogerson (Distinguished Young Alumnus Award)
  • Phung Luu (Distinguished Young Alumnus Award)
  • Sara-Beth (James) Bittinger (Distinguished Young Alumnus Award)

2016 Worrilow Award Winner

      • Wayne L. Currey (Worrilow Award)

2016 Distinguished Alumni Awards

      • Gary Smith (Distinguished Alumni Award)
      • Cynthia Stewart (Distinguished Alumni Award)
      • Gary Curl (Distinguished Alumni Award)
      • Andrew Short (Distinguished Young Alumnus Award)

2015 Worrilow Award Winner

      • Charles C. Allen III, Former President, Allen Family Foods, Inc.

2015 Distinguished Alumni Awards

      • Mary Denigan-Macauley (ANFS), Assistant Director, Natural Resources and Environment, U.S. Government
      • Devan Mehrotra (APEC), Executive Director, Clinical Biostatistics, Merck
      • Kenneth Raffa (ENWC), Beers-Bascom Professor of Conservation, University of Wisconsin
      • H. Don Tilmon (APEC), Farm Management Specialist and Professor, Retired, University of Delaware
      • Jared Ali (ENWC), Assistant Professor of Entomology, Michigan State University

2014 Worrilow Award Winner

      • Erica Spackman (ANFS), Staff Research Microbiologist, U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory

2014 Distinguished Alumni Awards

      • Craig Clifford (ANFS), Hope Veterinary Specialists’ first medical oncologist and director of clinical studies
      • Thomas Fretz (PLSC), Retired from University of Maryland and Executive director of the Northeastern Regional Association of State Agricultural Experiment Station Directors (NERA)
      • Mary Ellen Setting (ENWC), Deputy secretary of the Maryland Department of Agriculture (MDA)
      • James H. Baxter IV (APEC), President and manager of Baxter Farms,

2013 Worrilow Award Winner

      • Robin L. Talley (APEC), District Director for the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) Farm Service Agency

2013 Distinguished Alumni Awards

      • John Cantello (ANFS), Vice President, at Worldwide Business Development in GlaxoSmithKline’s (GSK) R&D organization
      • Bernie Murphy (ANFS), President of the Jones-Hamilton Co.
      • Zaiqi Pan (APEC), Research Scientist at DuPont Pioneer

2012 Distinguished Alumni Awards

      • Bruce Cobb (PLSC), ARC Greenhouses, Founder and Owner
      • Carol Long (PLSC), Winterthur Museum and Country Estate, Associate Curator
      • Daral Jackwood (ANFS), Professor, Department of Veterinary Preventative Medicine, The Ohio State University
      • Mark Jackwood (ANFS), Professor and Department Head, Department of Population Health, College of Veterinary Medicine, University of Georgia

2011 Distinguished Alumni Awards

      • Steve Castorani (AG ’77), owner and operator of Gateway Garden Center and North Creek Nurseries
      • Goodwin Cobb (AG ’99), marketing manager for Christiana Care System in Occupational Health and Wellness Services
      • Rick Darke (AG ’77), president of Rick Darke, LLC – Landscape Ethics, Photography, and Contextual Design
      • Joshua McGrath (AG ’04 PhD), assistant professor of soil fertility and nutrient management at the University of Maryland

2010 Dean’s Award for Service to the College

      • Peter Lindtner, M.S. Plant Science, 1981

2010 Distinguished Alumni Awards

      • Stewart Ramsey, Principal and Senior Economist, U.S. Agriculture Services, IHSGLOBAL INSIGHT INC.
      • Steven Leath, Vice President for Research, University of North Carolina
      • J. Dennis Byrne, Manager, Herr Angus Farm

2009 Distinguished Alumni Awards

      • Daniel Camenga (AG ’01, ’03MS), associate director of corporate relations, University of Rochester
      • Roger Glendenning (AG ’87MS), acting chief budget officer Under Secretary for Rural Development – USDA
      • Andrew Paterson (AG ’82), professor of crop and soil sciences, and genetics, University of Georgia
      • Linda Stallings (AG ’96), collections manager of operations, Maryland Zoo

2008 Distinguished Alumni Awards

      • Rick Colbert (AG ’78), executive director, Tyler Arboretum
      • Bill Culp (AG ’89, ’91MS), major, US Army Veterinary Corps
      • Philip Jardine (AG ’81, ’83MS), distinguished scientist, Oak Ridge National Laboratory; adjunct professor, University of Tennessee-Knoxville
      • Erica Spackman (AG ’01PhD), microbiologist, Southeast Poultry Research Laboratory, USDA-ARS
**Please note that the titles associated with our alumni are those held at the time of the nomination/award.
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