Alumni Spotlights

Alumnus Curtis Bennett works to inspire the next generation of environmental conservationists
September 13, 2018
UD alum Curtis Bennett works at the National Aquarium inspiring the next generation of environmental conservationists
August 7, 2018
UD alumna Samantha Fino reflects on time at UD, hands on research opportunities
July 25, 2018
UD alumna Sara Albrecht works with Maryland Department of the Environment to reduce nitrogen in Chesapeake Bay
May 30, 2018
CANR recognizes recipients of Worrilow, Distinguished Alumni awards
October 26, 2017
NAMA Club at UD sets students on the path to career success
September 25, 2017
Peruvian embassy hosts exhibit featuring indigenous culture
July 18, 2017
UD alumna Criztal Hernandez finds success with Produce Marketing Association
April 5, 2017
First generation farmers reflect on introduction to agriculture at UD
January 23, 2017
Outgoing Secretary of Agriculture Ed Kee Reflects on Ag Week, time at Cooperative Extension
January 18, 2017
UD alum turns experience with AmeriCorps into job after graduation
January 12, 2017
Animal science alumna goes off beaten path after graduation
November 9, 2016
Aspiring vet turns passion for horses, teaching into Sprout therapy center
November 1, 2016
UD alumna opens Fork in Road Café near Delaware Memorial Bridge
September 7, 2016
UD alumna runs community supported agriculture farm in New Jersey
July 12, 2016
UD graduate finds career success with Massachusetts Land Court
June 16, 2016
UD, USDA researchers study natural enemies of tree-killing emerald ash borer
May 23, 2016
UD Blue Hen flock welcomes new faces thanks to alumnus Wesley Towers
May 3, 2016
UD graduate fulfills lifelong dream to work with dolphins
April 21, 2016
UD graduate studies soil moisture levels as a geologist in Texas
March 7, 2016