Dairy Science Research, Teaching and Extension

dairyscienceresearch Delaware’s dairy industry is a vital segment of the agricultural economies of both the state and the nation. In Delaware, milk sales rank fifth in agricultural receipts and top the income of all livestock products except poultry. The College of Agriculture and Natural Resources at the University of Delaware has a long history of innovative research and rigorous teaching programs in dairy science. The dairy science research, teaching, and extension programs of the University of Delaware work cooperatively to integrate the findings from basic and applied research into cost-effective management practices for the dairy industry in the Northeast region, nationally, and abroad.

cow_farmFacts about the the U.S. and Delaware Dairy Industries

  • United States milk production rose 16% from 1997-2006, reaching nearly 182 billion pounds of milk produced annually, leading all countries in cow milk production
  • Over $28 billion dollars worth of milk are produced each year by the U.S. dairy industry, with the retail value of dairy products totaling about $100 billion/year
  • Dairy sales comprise almost 10% of all U.S. agricultural income
  • Dairy product sales rank in the top two agricultural commodities in 14 states
  • Dairy products represent the top agricultural cash receipts in 9 states
  • For statistics on the dairy industry visit the USDA National Agricultural Statistics Service website.