ANFS Graduate Programs

For more detailed information on what graduate school is and how to apply, please visit: Why Graduate School?

The Department of Animal and Food Sciences (ANFS) offers two master of science (M.S.) degree programs with concentrations in either Animal or Food Science, as well as a joint Ph.D. degree program in Animal and Food Sciences. All ANFS graduate degrees require research-based theses and ANFS faculty do participate in graduate certificate programs (Bioinformatics, Statistics).

Our faculty research areas are focused in the fields of avian infectious diseases and their management, avian genomics, quantitative and molecular genetics, immunology, physiology and virology, food microbiology, virology, safety, and processing, and bovine (dairy cattle) immunology, nutrition and lameness.

All students accepted into the ANFS graduate program are offered financial support and tuition scholarships. Most graduate students (80%) are funded through research assistantships (RAs) and 20% are funded through teaching assistantships (TAs). Our graduates are successfully prepared for professional schools (veterinary, medical), further education (Ph.D. programs, post-doctoral positions), as well as employment in the fields of biotechnology, food product development and safety, pharmaceutical research, vaccine development and testing, as well as agricultural feed and nutrition industries.

Degree Program Specifics