Evaluation of Graduate Student Progress

If a graduate student, his/her faculty advisor, a member(s) of his/her Graduate (Doctoral) Committee, or the Department Chairperson perceives that the graduate student is not making satisfactory progress toward his/her degree, an evaluation of the student’s progress will be conducted by the Graduate Advisory Committee and Department Chairperson. If, in the opinion of the Graduate Advisory Committee, the student is not making satisfactory progress, the student and advisor will be notified and the Department Chairperson advised in writing of any action the Graduate Advisory Committee feels necessary. The student and/or advisor will have the opportunity to meet with the Graduate Advisory Committee and/or Department Chairperson, as a group or on an individual basis, to discuss the Committee’s actions. Possible outcomes of this action include reassignment of the student to another faculty advisor or termination of the student from his/her graduate program. Termination of a graduate student from his/her program is rare. Conditions for termination may include any one of the following: failure to maintain a grade point average of 3.0 (4 point scale) throughout the student’s program, failure to make adequate progress in the student’s research required for the degree (see above), or unethical professional conduct. Specific details on the University’s conduct expectations of students are given in the section entitled, ” Student Guide to University Policies ” in the University of Delaware Official Student Handbook.