Internship, Independent Study, Research and Summer Scholar Opportunities

Participating in an internship, independent study, research or summer scholar program is an exciting opportunity! Students may participate in these programs if they have identified a faculty member who will sponsor them.  These activities are a major commitment, so be sure you have time in your schedule as you plan. Browse department websites to help you identity a faculty research advisor. You may conduct undergraduate research as a volunteer, for a salary, or for credit through ANFS 468 (please see forms page). Either way, please be sure to create a clear plan of action and identify your responsibilities and the expectations on the part of the faculty member and the student. Students may participate in more formal research programs through the Summer Scholars program.  Students must identify a faculty mentor/sponsor willing to work with them before the applications are due. Internships, Undergraduate Research, and Independent Studies are ways to enrich your undergraduate experience.  If you are interested in these opportunities, submit the appropriate form(s) to the Department of Animal and Food Sciences in Room 044 Townsend Hall in addition to registering for the appropriate course. Check out some of the recent places our students have interned at!