Oral and Written Communication Rubrics

Oral Communication Rubric
Written Communication Rubric
How and when to use the new oral communication and written communication rubrics

The two rubrics were designed to support our Department Undergraduate Program Assessment and are available to faculty to use in their courses when they have oral and written assignments. They are optional. You are welcome to use them to assist you in grading for your course or simply to participate in program assessment(or both).  Widespread use of the rubrics will provide us with data to track speaking and writing
skills across the curriculum.
The rubrics are designed to be easy to use. For each rubric item (for example Content/Ideas on the writing rubric), ask yourself – is this an A (excellent) or a D (needs improvement)? If it is neither an A or a D, then ask –is it closer to an A or a D? If closer to an A, then choose B (good). If closer to a D, then choose C (average) and check the space on the rubric. Compute the total points and turn in a copy to the Assessment Committee (Laura Nemec will collect them.)
Since our contract courses often include a written paper and sometimes an oral presentation, the rubrics have already been added to the packet of forms for those courses. Again – they are optional. The evaluations in the ANFS 464 forms have also been updated to reflect our learning goals.
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