Courses and Curriculum

2018 – 2019 C&C Committee Membership (appointed)

  • Lesa Griffiths (Chair)
  • Ryan Arsenault
  • Hong Li
  • Calvin Keeler
  • Rolf Joerger

ANFS C&C Committee Guidelines

From ANFS By-Laws:

Courses and Curriculum Committee

  • Composition
    • Five faculty members to include the elected representative to the college committee.
  • Functions
    • To initiate, review and make recommendations regarding instructional program improvements as deemed appropriate.
    • To initiate action on policy issues related to undergraduate and graduate instruction.
    • To respond to curriculum issues generated exterior to the department.
    • To review and evaluate curriculum and course proposals and revisions.

Additional Notes:

  • Minutes of C&C meetings are to be recorded and maintained in the ANFS main office.
  • At monthly faculty meetings, the Chair of the committee should report on the status (submitted, discussed, approved, tabled) of all submissions to the committee during the prevision month.
  • The ANFS C&C Committee makes recommendations to the ANFS faculty and all recommendations are voted on (with approval by a simple majority) by the entire ANFS Faculty (even if in the form of a consent agenda) prior to the elected representative moving the recommendations forward to the CANR C&C Committee.
  • Courses means all courses including experimental courses.
  • All new course proposals should include a copy of the Propose a New Course form which includes a the curriculum vitae of the instructor, a draft syllabus with learning goals, and a budget.
    • If a professional staff member is participating in the laboratory portion of a course, the cv of the professional staff member, time commitment of the staff member, role in the laboratory (preparation, teaching, etc.) and justification for use of the staff member should also be included.
  • All proposals for course revisions should include a copy of the Revise A Course form
  • Dual listing will be permitted only between 400 and 600 level courses. Care shall be exercised wherever possible to see that the two course numbers are symmetrical (e.g. QU407-QU607). The registration booklet will clearly inform students that courses are dual listed.
  • Days/Times that a course and lab meets should adhere to the University Course Scheduling Guidelines
  • Courses to be listed for the Fall semester should be to the C&C committee chair before February 1. Courses to be listed for the Spring semester should be to the C&C committee chair before September 15.
  • Courses to be listed for winter session should be to the C&C Committee chair before September 15.