Graduate Advisory Committee

2018 – 2019 ANFS Graduate Advisory Committee Membership (appointed)
  • Aditya Dutta
  • Yihang Li
  • Amy Biddle
  • Ryan Arsenault
  • Tanya Gressley
  • Changqing Wu
  • Mark Parcells (Chair)
ANFS Graduate Advisory Committee From ANFS By-Laws:
  • Composition
    • The committee will consist of seven full time faculty in the Department of Animal and Food Sciences. All faculty members are eligible to serve on the committee. Committee members will be appointed by  the department chairperson. An attempt will be made to have representation from all research  disciplines in the department.
  • Functions
    • To review applications of prospective graduate students and make recommendations regarding admission to the department chairperson.
    • To review the curricula of the various discipline concentrations of the graduate program.
    • To assist the chairperson in the assignment of departmental assistantships, fellowships, and other awards. To nominate graduate students for college- and university-level fellowships and awards.
    • To review and revise; if necessary, existing departmental policies and procedures regarding the administration of graduate programs.
ANFS Graduate Student Requirements, Resources and Tips: