Program Assessment

Mission Statement The Department of Animal and Food Science is committed to provide education, service and leadership for regional, national and international stakeholders through development, integration and dissemination of knowledge of animals used for food, fiber, companion, and recreational purposes; and for safe, responsible, ecologically sustainable, and competitive food production. Assessment Plan The assessment plan of the Animal and Food Science learning goals includes direct measures of student learning, indirect measures of student learning and the evaluation of learning processes that promote student learning.  Sources of data are varied and in addition to graduation/ retention rates and feedback on student evaluations, we are using curriculum mapping, a senior exit survey, an alumni survey, and capstone experiences.  We have developed common written and oral communication rubrics and will institute a common writing prompt for reflective essays in a required freshman and senior capstone course.

Learning Goals for the ANFS Curriculum

  1. Think critically; use quantitative reasoning, skeptical inquiry and the scientific approach to solve problems in animal and food sciences.
  2. Effectively communicate scientific ideas orally and through writing
  3. Demonstrate knowledge of major scientific concepts, social, economic and ethical implications in the animal and food sciences
  4. Work collaboratively and independently, learning from diverse perspectives to assimilate knowledge and synthesize new solutions and ways of thinking.
Oral Communication and Written Communication Rubrics Forms for Contract Courses: ANFS 464, ANFS X66, and ANFS 468

Course Information

Course Number Course Syllabus
ANFS 100 Animals and Human Culture
ANFS 101 Animals, Science and Society
ANFS 102 Food For Thought
ANFS 111 Animal and Food Science Laboratory
ANFS 112 Animal Handling
ANFS 159 Topics in Food Science
ANFS 165 Freshman First Year Experience
ANFS 166 Independent Study
ANFS 181 From the Cow to the Cone: The Science and Business of Ice Cream
ANFS 218 Fermentation Sciences
ANFS 220 Introduction to Equine Science
AGRI 224 One Health: Zoonotic & Emerging Diseases
ANFS 230 Foodborne Diseases: Inverstigation Outbreaks
ANFS 240 Functional Anatomy of Domestic Animals
ANFS 241 Introduction to Equine Nutrition
ANFS 245 Introduction to Animal Physiology
ANFS 251 Animal Nutrition
ANFS 261 Principles of Pet Nutrition
ANFS 265 Career Development
ANFS 266 Independent Study
ANFS 300 / PLSC 300 Principles of Animal and Plant Genetics
ANFS 305 Food Science
ANFS 310 Animal and Plant Genetics Laboratory
ANFS 324 Equine Disease and Lameness
ANFS 332 Introduction to Animal Diseases
 ANFS 340 Animal Environmental Management
 ANFS 350  Animal Behavior
ANFS 366 Independent Study
ANFS 390 Honors Colloquium
ANFS 399 Animal and Food Science Undergraduate Teaching Assistant
ANFS 404 Dairy Production
ANFS 409/609 Food Processing
ANFS 411/611 Food Science Capstone
ANFS 417 Beef Cattle and Sheep Production
ANFS 418 Swine Production
ANFS 419 Topics in International Agriculture
ANFS 421 Poultry Production
ANFS 422 Poultry Production Laboratory
ANFS 426 Equine Management
ANFS 428/628 Food Chemistry
ANFS 429/629 Food Analysis
ANFS 432 Disease Pathogenesis in Animals
ANFS 435/635 Animal Virology
ANFS 436/636 Immunology of Domestic Animals
ANFS 439/639 Food Microbiology
ANFS 440 Comparative Histopathology
ANFS 441 Reproductive Physiology of Domestic Animals
ANFS 442/642 Lactational Physiology
ANFS 443/643 Food Engineering Technology
ANFS 449/649 Food Biotechnology
ANFS 450 Applied Biomedical Communication
ANFS 451 Emergency Animal Management
ANFS 454 Ruminant Nutrition
ANFS 464 Animal and Food Science Experience
ANFS 466 Independent Study
ANFS 468 Research
ANFS 470/670 Principles of Molecular Genetics
ANFS 512 Food Connections
ANFS 637 Avian Immunology
ANFS 644 Bioinformatics
ANFS 671 Paradigms in Cell Signaling
ANFS 865 Seminar
ANFS 869 Master’s Thesis
ANFS 964 Pre-Candidacy Study
ANFS 969 Doctoral Dissertation
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