The Food Science Program

corn850x240flat From research organizations, pet-food companies and spice and flavor developers, to government agencies and every food company in the world, the demand for food scientists and research is growing rapidly. Food that is produced for consumers must not only be nutritious, tasty and appealing, it must also be safe. Understanding food process microbiology and molecular biology, developing innovative preservation and packaging techniques, and preventing contamination from bacteria, viruses and parasites are all critical to the food science industry and consumers. The University of Delaware’s Food Science Program integrates rigorous research, teaching, and outreach programs focused on food safety and food processing technologies. In addition to being internationally recognized for research in emerging food preservation technologies, the program has the distinguishing feature of conducting innovative fundamental research in the fields of food virology and parasitology. Food science students who have benefited from this learning environment find themselves easily employed or accepted into graduate school programs in this growing field.