ANFS Undergraduate Majors

The greatest challenges we face today involve feeding nine billion people by the year 2050, adjusting to the decrease in the amount of available agricultural land and determining how to significantly improve declining human health and nutritional habits. Nationally, this explains why the USDA says that there are approximately two jobs for every one graduate of a college of agriculture and natural resources.  What we study is necessary to solve some of our world’s biggest challenges. From food to fork, we prepare our students to better understand animal growth, production performance and food quality assurance. With a 350-acre working farm, the possibilities are limitless in learning how to meet the world’s most immediate needs.

The major in Pre-Veterinary Medicine offers students an extensive study of basic and applied sciences including the requirements students need to succeed in post-graduate programs at Veterinary Schools and in a wide variety of Graduate school programs. Why Pre-Vet?

The Food Science major is accredited by the Institute of Food Technologists and includes active and engaging instruction on the processing, production, quality, and safety of foods.

The Animal Science major offers students opportunities to apply the sciences to the production of food, to the education and conservation of non-domestic animals, and to developing a better understanding of our companion animals. And the Animal Biosciences major includes an animal science core complemented by animal bioscience interest areas in animal nutrition, animal physiology and animal health.

Minors in Animal Science, Food Science, and Equine Science are also offered.