StatLab Policies and Procedures

The StatLab is designed to help researchers on campus and in the Delmarva Region in the use of effective and appropriate statistical techniques in the analysis of data. The StatLab is jointly supported by the Statistics Program of the Food and Resource Economics Department and Research & Data Management Services of the IT-User Services. We have limited resources so we need to establish terms of services and charges for extended service to clients. All proceeds for the STAT Lab go back into the lab to fund students, software, and other supplies. The following is our guidelines for use of the STAT Lab. Initial Consultation No charge provided the client is UD affiliated and completes the necessary forms. The StatLab consultant meets with the client and discusses the statistical problem and other relevant information. The emphasis on this visit is to get all the required information concerning the research, data, and potential analysis. In some cases a solution may come from this visit. The client is required to complete a “Request for Statistical Consulting Form” prior to scheduling an appointment (see Forms). Additional Consultations Additional work may require fees. We reserve the right to charge the client for additional work. Issues that require extended work will require support from the client. We will discuss with the client the fees for additional work before moving forward. If the client wishes assistance in data analysis, data manipulation, or collection of the data, it may require a formal contract and funding of Graduate Research Assistants in the Statistics Program. Please note: The StatLab is not designed to teach statistics or serve as a tutor for graduate students. We expect clients to have some background in applied statistics before coming to the lab with questions. We can offer suggestions on resources to help learn statistics or courses that we offer at the undergraduate and graduate level to build skills in statistics. Use of information in StatLab Review Session (STAT 641) With permission of the client, some research problems that come to the StatLab will be discussed in the StatLab Review Session. The StatLab Review Session is a once a week seminar during Fall and Spring semesters where graduate students, faculty, and other statisticians meet to discuss interesting statistical problems that come to the StatLab. The client also is invited to attend these sessions. All information will be kept confidential to the extent possible. Priorities in consulting From time-to-time the StatLab will need to establish priorities for work depending on the caseload and available limited resources. First priority will be given to funded projects, followed by projects from within the University of Delaware. Clients will be notified if any delays in serves are expected. StatLab Services are available only during the Fall and Spring Semesters at the University of Delaware. The StatLab assistance is available during the following times and locations: Monday 1:00 pm to 5:00 p.m. Room 201 or 214 Townsend Hall Tuesday 11:00 am to 12:00 p.m. Room 201 or 214 Townsend Hall To get assistance                Statistical consultation is available by appointment only. Users are requested to submit a brief written statement of the problem to the Laboratory prior to scheduling an appointment.  A form is available on our web site and can be mailed, faxed, or attached to an e-mail. Please send to: StatLab 213 Townsend Hall Newark,  DE  19717 Voice: 302-831-2512 Fax: 302-831-6243 For e-mails send to: Dr. Thomas Ilento   or Tina Kosinski