Statistics (MS)

Program Overview

The program in Statistics leads to the Master of Science degree and offers students the perspectives and skills necessary to understand and work as a statistician in various sectors of the economy (business, manufacturing, pharmaceuticals, or government sectors). Also, a strong intermediate level of training is offered so that students may continue graduate work and obtain the PhD degree. The department has ready access to various state-of-the-art computing and library resources. We provide a generous financial aid package to qualified candidates. The Statistics program also has an internship program for interested students. The intern program, a cooperative effort of the Statistics Program at the University of Delaware, trains students by a combination of formal university graduate courses and “hands on” application in an industrial setting. The objective of the internship is to introduce the student to the “art” aspects of Applied Statistics to complement the theoretical foundations learned in the classroom. Delaware’s many chemical, pharmaceutical and industrial companies provide a unique place in which to use the intern concept because of the problem-solving nature of their work, and the availability of experienced statisticians to guide intern work. The application to this program requires this Supplemental Document. Since the initial courses start in the fall, we will consider spring applications only under very special circumstances.

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