Theses Archives


Xing Tang, “Comparison of Selection Methods for Easement Purchase in Baltimore County”. 2010. Advisor: Kent Messer. Yu Chen, “Developing a Best Practice Framework For The Maryland Agricultural Land Preservation For Foundation:  Why Don’t Conservation Professionals Use Optimization?”. 2010. Advisor: Kent Messer. Jubo Yan, “Can Context Effects Mitigate Behavior That Causes Negative Externalities?  An Experimental Investigation”. 2010. Advisor: Kent Messer. Kathryn Onken. “Willingness to Pay for Locally Grown, Organic and Natural Foods:  Implications for Producers and State-Sponsored Agricultural Marketing Programs”. 2010. Advisors: John C. Bernard, John D. Pesek


Haiyan Jiang, “Japanese Willingness To Pay For Agricultural Products With the “U.S.A.” Label: A Choice-Based Conjoint Analysis For Pork”. 2009. Advisor: John C. Bernard. Robin Dillaway. “Does Consumer Willingness to Pay Change Over Time in Response to Food Scares. 2009. Advisor: Kent Donald Messer.


Divyam Mayawala, “Thesis: Analysis of the Impact of Agricultural Sector on Economic Growth”. 2008. Advisor: Titus O. Awokuse. Martin Nota, “Estimation of the Slovak Beveridge Curve Using Regional Data “. 2008. Advisor: Thomas W. Ilvento. Kristen Loughery, “Explaining the Occurrence of Public and Private Land Preservation Policies”. 2008. Advisor: Joshua M. Duke. Mary Joanne Matriz, “Price Transmission Mechanism in the Philippine Rice Industry”. 2008. Advisor: Thomas W. Ilvento. Alexis Solano, “Willingness to Pay for Natural and Organic Foods: Do the Definitions of These Terms Affect Consumer Behavior”. 2008. Advisor: John C. Bernard. Weishi Gu,  “The Impact of Foreign Intellectual Property Rights Protection on U.S. Exports, FDI, and Licenses”. 2008. Advisor: Titus Awokuse. Rajeswari Roy Chowdhury, “The Effects of Federal Farm Support Programs on Farm Consolidation and Rural Economy: A County-Level Analysis”. 2008. Advisor: John Mackenzie.


Anli Gu, “The Effect of Education on Mortality:  Evidence from Delaware “.2007.  Advisor: Thomas W. Ilvento, Lei Xun, “The Determinants of U.S. Outgoing FDI in the Food-Processing Sector”. 2007. Advisor: Titus O. Awokuse. Steven Ernst, “Master’s Thesis: An Analysis of Optimal Farmland Preservation Models”. 2007.  Joshua M. Duke. Amy Parish, “Master’s Thesis: Farmer Willingness to Adopt High Available Phosphorus (HAP) Corn”. 2007. Advisor: John C. Bernard. Callye Masten: The Impact of Exchange Rate Volatility on U.S. Foreign Direct Investment in Latin America”. 2007. Advisor: Titus O. Awokuse.


Wang, Xiaohong, “Price Transmission Asymmetries In U.S. Dairy Products” 2006 Advisor: Awokuse Tian, Min “Asymmetry in Farm to Retail Price Transmission: Evidence from Canada and the United States” 2006 Advisor: Awokuse Gu, Anli “The Effect of Education on Mortality, Evidence From Delaware” 2006 Advisor: Ilvento Borchers, Allison “Does Willingness to Pay for Green Energy Differ by Source? A Contingent Choice Experiment” 2006 Advisor: Duke Xun, Lei “The Determinants of United States Outgoing FDI in the Food-Processing Sector” 2006 Advisor: Awokuse Siroli, Ryan “An Examination of Price Transmission in the United States Beef, Pork, and Broiler Industries” 2006 Advisor: Bernard


Li, Bin “Determinants of Changes in Infant Mortality of Delaware Over the Period from 1989 to 2000.” 2005 Advisor: Thomas W. Ilvento Singson, Melissa C. “Valuation of Patents Using Options Pricing and Probabilistic Modeling.” 2005. Adviser: Scott Malcolm Szombathova, Slavka “Optimizing School Choice: Conjoint Analysis of Parent Preferences.” 2005 Advisor: John Mackenzie Gupta, Meeta “Consumer Behavior Towards Chicken Fed with Genetically Modified High Available Phosphorus (HAP) Corn.” 2005 Advisor: John Bernard


Assibey-Yeboah, Mark. “The Effect of U.S. Food Aid on Recipient Countries’ Food Production.” 2004. Adviser: Titus Awokuse Ding, Hong. “Consumer Willingness to Pay for Farm-Raised Baitfish in the Chesapeake Bay Region.” 2004. Adviser: John Pesek & Richard Bacon Gifford, Kathryn. “The Effect of Message Framing on Organic Food Purchase Likelihood.” 2004. Adviser: John Bernard Jamieson, Peter. “An Investigation of the Market Potential for a Graphic Campaign to Communicate Tree-Planting Principles.” 2004. Adviser: Thomas Ilvento Pan, Xiqian. “A Conjoint Analysis of Consumer Willingness to Purchase Chicken Produced with Different Attributes.” 2004. Adviser: John Bernard


Liu, Ling, “The Impact of Data Collection Technology Within a Self-Administered Survey on Response Rate and Data Quality” 2003 Advisor: Ilvento Mbure, Gitau, “Implications for Establishment of a TDR Program in New Castle County” 2003 Advisor: Duke Slovinska, Jana, “What Explains the High Percentage of Agricultural Land in Slovkia Managed by Cooperatives” 2003 Advisor: Duke Wolinski, Laurie G. “Support and Awareness of Delaware Cooperative Extension” 2003 Advisor: Ilvento Yuan, Yan, “Exchange Rates Volatility and U.S. Poultry Exports: Evidence from Panel Data” 2003 Advisor: Awokuse Zhang, Chao, “Consumer Willingness to Pay for Non-Genetically Modified and Organic Foods” 2003 Advisor: Bernard


James, Sara-Beth “The Effect of Local Economic Development Policy on Employment Growth in Rural Counties – The Mid-Atlantic Region” 2002 Advisor: Ilvento Jones, Steven W. “An Attempt to Model Cycles of Credit Card Delinquency Using Macroeconomics Variables” 2002 Advisor: Mackenzie Ke, Xiongkan “The Optimization of Ripariam Forest Buffer Land Acquisition Program” 2002 Advisor: Malcolm Triplett, Jonathan “A simulation Methodology for Evaluating Alternative Sorting Configurations” 2002 Advisor: Malcolm


Horner, Keith M. “Determining Public Preferences for Farmland Preservation” 2001 Advisor: Duke Chen, Xiaoxuan “Farmer Participation in Agricultural District and PDR Program in Delaware” 2001 Advisor: Duke Fan, Chunbo “An Analysis of Farm Effects of GE Soybeans in Delaware” 2001Advisor: Bernard Guiragossian, George B. “Public Support for Local Economic Development in the Rural South” 2001 Advisor: Ilvento Kuklish, Jaime I. “The Role of Exports in the Economic Growth of Slovakia” 2001 Advisor: Ilvento Kuntz, Jennifer “Growth Modeling and Institutions in Transition Economies: The Role of Culture” 2001 Advisor: Mackenzie Morris, Carla C. “Cost Model Misestimates” (Dissertation) 2001 Advisor: Stark Okenka, Radovan “Customer Satisfaction and Credit Card Dilinquencies” 2001 Advisor: Mackenzie Zheng, Shi “Development of a Decision Support System for On-Site Composting for Small Farms” 2001 Advisor: Malcolm


Wang, Weihua “An Adaptive Classification Scheme for Data Driven Label Switching Networks” 2000 Advisor: Chien-Chung Barton, Sherrie S. “Issues, Concerns, and Directions of the U.S. Poultry Industry and International Poultry Trade” 2000 Advisor: Gempesaw Cook, Khari A. “An Analysis of Household Consumption of Fresh Potatoes in the State of Delaware” 2000 Advisor: Toensmeyer DiFurio, Ferdinand G. “The Adoption of Integrated Pest Management in the Green Industry in Delaware” 2000 Advisor: Ilvento Gray, Brenna “A Regional Input-Out Analysis of the Delmarva Poultry Industry” 2000 Advisor: Gempesaw Jost, Ryan “An Evaluation of Land Use Conflict Resolution at the Judicial and Quasi-Judicial Level in New Castle County, Delaware” 2000 Advisor: Duke Muya, Simon “The Economics of Weed Management in Lima Bean Production Enterprises” 2000 Advisor: Gempesaw