APEC – Course Information

Course Number Course Title Credits
APEC100  Sustainable Development 3 Hrs
APEC110  Introduction to Food and Agribusiness Industry 1 Hrs
APEC135  Introduction to Data Analysis 3 Hrs
APEC150  Economics of Agriculture and Natural Resources 3 Hrs
APEC165  The APEC First Year Experience 1 Hrs
APEC201  Records and Accounts 3 Hrs
APEC212  Food Retailing and Consumer Behavior 3 Hrs
APEC240  Quantitative Methods in Agricultural Economics 3 Hrs
APEC270  Biotechnology: Science and Socioeconomic Issues 3 Hrs
APEC302  Management of Agribusiness Firms 3 Hrs
APEC305  Management and Leadership Development 3 Hrs
APEC316  Economics of Biotechnology and New Technologies 3 Hrs
APEC324  Introduction to Resource Economics 3 Hrs
APEC335  Advanced Data Management 3 Hrs
APEC343  Environmental Economics 3 Hrs
APEC345  Strategic Selling and Buyer Communication 3 Hrs
APEC350  Farm Management 3 Hrs
APEC366  Independent Study 1-6 Hrs
APEC404  Food and Fiber Marketing 3 Hrs
APEC406  Agricultural and Natural Resource Policy 3 Hrs
APEC408  Statistical Research Methods I 3 Hrs
APEC409  Research Methods II 3 Hrs
APEC410  International Agricultural Trade and Marketing 3 Hrs
APEC412  Strategic Marketing Competition 1-3 Hrs
APEC420  Agriculture in Economic Development 3 Hrs
APEC424  Resource Economics 3 Hrs
APEC427  Agribusiness Financial Management 3 Hrs
APEC429  Community Economic Development 3 Hrs
APEC430  Establishing and Managing a Food and Agribusiness Enterprise 3 Hrs
APEC444  Economics of Environmental Management 3 Hrs
APEC450  Topics in Environmental Law 3 Hrs
APEC464  Internship 1-3 Hrs
APEC465  Seminar 1 Hrs
APEC466  Independent Study 1-6 Hrs
APEC471  Futures and Options Markets 3 Hrs
APEC480  Geographic Information Systems in Natural Resource Management 4 Hrs
APEC608  Statistical Research Methods 3 Hrs
APEC611  Regional Watershed Management 3 Hrs
APEC615  Advanced Prices and Statistics 3 Hrs
APEC674  Applied Data Base Management 3 Hrs
APEC682  Spatial Analysis of Natural Resources 3 Hrs
APEC801  Applied Demand and Marketing Analysis 3 Hrs
APEC806  Research Techniques and Procedures 3 Hrs
APEC807  Math Programming with Economic Appls 3 Hrs
APEC810  International Agricultural Trade Special Topics 3 Hrs
APEC820 Experimental Economics 3 Hrs
APEC826  Issues in Domestic and Foreign Rural Development 3 Hrs
APEC827  Advanced Production Economics 3 Hrs
APEC834  Seminar in Resource Economics 3 Hrs
APEC867 Seminar Research in Applied Economics 3 Hrs
APEC868  Research 1-9 Hrs
APEC869  Master’s Thesis 1-6 Hrs
STAT200  Basic Statistical Practice 3 Hrs
STAT266  Special Problem 1-3 Hrs
STAT366  Independent Study 1-6 Hrs
STAT408  Statistical Research Methods I 3 Hrs
STAT409  Regression and Experimental Design 3 Hrs
STAT418  Sampling Methods 3 Hrs
STAT420  Data Analysis and Nonparametric Statistics 3 Hrs
STAT466  Independent Study 1-6 Hrs
STAT470  Intro to STAT Analysis I 3 Hrs
STAT471  Intro to STAT Analysis II 3 Hrs
STAT475  Statistics for Environmental Science 3 Hrs
STAT601  Probability Theory for Operations Research and Statistics 3 Hrs
STAT602  Mathematical Statistics 3 Hrs
STAT603  Vector Spaces and Optimization 3 Hrs
STAT608  Statistical Research Methods 3 Hrs
STAT609  Regression and Experimental Design 3 Hrs
STAT611  Regression Analysis 3 Hrs
STAT612  Advanced Regression Techniques 3 Hrs
STAT613  Applied Multivariate Statistics 3 Hrs
STAT615  Design and Analysis of Experiments 3 Hrs
STAT616  Advanced Design of Experiments 3 Hrs
STAT617  Multivariate Methods 3 Hrs
STAT618  Sampling Techniques 3 Hrs
STAT619  Time Series Analysis 3 Hrs
STAT620  Nonparametric Statistics 3 Hrs
STAT621  Survival Analysis 3 Hrs
STAT624  Advanced Topics in Statistics 3 Hrs
STAT635  Statistical Quality Control 3 Hrs
STAT640  Statistical Consulting 3 Hrs
STAT641  Statistical Laboratory 1 Hrs
STAT656  Biostatistics 3 Hrs
STAT657  Statistics for Earth Sciences 3 Hrs
STAT664  Statistics Internship 1-6 Hrs
STAT668  Research Project 3-6 Hrs
STAT669  Masters Thesis 3-6 Hrs
STAT670  Intro to Stat Analysis I 3 Hrs
STAT671  Intro to Stat Analysis II 3 Hrs
STAT674  Applied Data Base Management 3 Hrs
STAT675  Logistic Regression 3 Hrs
STAT800  Estimation and Statistical Inference I 3 Hrs
STAT801  Estimation and Statistical Inference II 3 Hrs
STAT815  Linear Statistical Inference I 3 Hrs
STAT816  Linear Statistical Inference II 3 Hrs
STAT818  Multivariate Analysis 3 Hrs
STAT824  Advanced Topics in Statistics I 3 Hrs
STAT831  Time Series Analysis 3 Hrs
STAT832  Topics in Data Analysis 3 Hrs
STAT836  Response Surface Methodology 3 Hrs
STAT840  Statistical Computing 3 Hrs
STAT852  Advanced Topics in Mathematical Statistics 3 Hrs
STAT969  Doctoral Dissertation 1-12 Hrs