APEC Undergraduate Majors

As advancement in science and technology increases, there is a greater need for people with analytical skills to address sustainable development issues facing people in an integrated world. Applied economics and statistics are two major study areas that provide you with the capabilities to understand the dynamic interactions between businesses, governments, organizations, and societies. Nationally, this explains why the USDA says that there are approximately two jobs for every one graduate of a college of agriculture and natural resources. Why? Analytical skills and policy knowledge are used in virtually every professional field to conduct research and make important decisions. We prepare our students to use their knowledge of applied economics and their “statistical imaginations” to tackle some of our world’s most daunting challenges from global hunger to industrial pollution to climate change to just about everything in between. Our Food and Agribusiness Marketing and Management major provides students with the skills needed for attaining successful positions in the business world both domestically and internationally. The Environmental and Resource Economics and Natural Resource Management majors prepare students to address the world’s abundant environmental and resource use issues. The Statistics major gives students the ability to effectively analyze data in virtually any field of study. Minors in Food and Agribusiness Marketing and Management, Resource Economics, Statistics, and Operations Research are also offered.