One Health Delaware free vet clinic in Wilmington helps pets, people, students

UD pre-vet students Erik Gary and Carly Flink work with their canine patient.

On a rainy Saturday morning, staff and students huddled inside to quickly assign tasks and discuss the day’s schedule while patients began to arrive outside, tails wagging.

All were gathered at the Henrietta Johnson Medical Clinic for the monthly One Health Delaware Vet Clinic. Here, community members have an opportunity to bring their pets in for free exams, medications and vaccinations. At private veterinary offices, these visits could cost several hundred dollars.

University of Delaware students majoring in pre-veterinary medicine and animal biosciences in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources serve as interns at the clinic, gaining valuable hands-on experience with their four-legged charges. They work alongside local veterinarians and students from Penn’s School of Veterinary Medicine to learn and practice a wide range of veterinary skills. Read the full article on UDaily