Li Ph.D., Yihang

Faculty, Yihang Li, Ph.D., research interest includes gastrointestinal (GI) health can be evaluated by nutrient transport capacity and barrier integrity, which plays a critical role in modern animal industry that is centered in optimizing feed efficiency and enhancing disease prevention. GI function can be regulated by complicate signals from luminal nutrients/microbiome, body energy/metabolic status, gut immune activity, and central/enteric nerve system. The rapid turnover rate of intestinal epithelium (5-7 days) allows GI to adjust any potential miscommunication of these signals thus adapt environmental change. Therefore how well the GI be able to respond to environmental change, and how efficient the GI adjust itself in the corresponding environment is important for maintaining its function and optimal health. Understanding the basic physiology of GI adaptation is the foundation of developing novel feeding strategy and precise nutrition requirement in cases of early development and production stress.

My research interest is to bring novel knowledge on nutritional interventions and/or physiological stress during early development, which have immediate or long-term benefits to gut health, thus ultimately reduce animal production costs, and also contribute knowledge of relevance to human gut health.

Kniel, Kali

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Alphin, Robert

Robert Alphin Instructor and Allen Laboratory Manager in Animal and Food Sciences at the University of Delaware.

Abasht, Behnam

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