UDairy Creamery hiring servers, interns for Wilmington and Newark locations

The UDairy Creamery, a campus and community staple centered around educational opportunities and a quality, local product, is also a quite a fun place to work. Those who ever thought about working at the Creamery are in luck as the UDairy Creamery is currently hiring for both its Newark and Wilmington locations, and is looking for applicants for server positions as well as its three annual internships in Newark. The Creamery is looking for University of Delaware students with bright personalities, who love helping people, and of course love the Creamery. Servers get to serve ice cream to customers and also make the ice cream during production shifts. Additional perks include getting to serve ice cream at fun local events like UD Basketball games or taking the Moo Mobile to different, nearby JP Morgan Chase locations. Due to the recent partnership with the Wilmington Blue Rocks, a new, exciting opportunity for employees at the Wilmington location is the chance to work at Blue Rocks games. UDairy Creamery hiring servers, interns for Wilmington and Newark locationsIn addition to the server role, the Creamery offers three annual internship positions for a more in-depth, professional learning experience. The intern roles for the 2018-2019 school year are Human Resources, Food Science, and Social Media and Marketing. These interns work together throughout the year on new flavors, specials, events, and promotional strategies to help the Creamery be the most successful it can be. Dana Friedrich, a senior marketing major who served this year as the Social Media and Marketing intern at the Creamery, said that her favorite part of the internship was the ability to “be creative every single day and implement my own ideas to better the Creamery’s presence in the community. It’s a great way to improve your marketing and communications skills, and you have the ability to really choose which skills you want to work on, all while taking pictures of ice cream.” Andrea Schaaf, a senior in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources and current Assistant Manager intern, said that her favorite part of the internship was “being a part of such an awesome team and having such supportive mentors who were more than willing to teach me anything I was interested in. The main reasons I would recommend this internship are the amazing team members, the flexible and understanding managers, and all of the great learning opportunities” New this year to the internship program will be a summer-only Social Media and Marketing internship. Even when the Blue Hens are away for the summer, the Creamery is still in full swing and needs to keep up to date with social media and promotion. Any Blue Hens who will be around campus for the summer of 2018 and are interested in gaining some internship experience, should apply. The internship will focus mainly on keeping social media channels updated and collaborating with managers on summer specials and promotional ideas, while also working in the store. Consider applying to work at the UDairy Creamery, and you might just get to join the Moo Crew. Application links below: Servers: https://cdn.canr.udel.edu/wp-content/uploads/sites/15/2015/12/23140159/Application-for-Employment.pdf Submit applications for the Newark location to udcreamery@udel.edu Submit applications for the Wilmington location to udairymarket@udel.edu Internships: https://canr.udel.edu/udairycreamery/student-management/ Submit applications to udcreamery@udel.eduby May 4th! And as always, be sure to follow the UDairy Creamery on social media to stay up to date! @udairycreamery Article by Kristina Demou Photo by Christy Mannering