2016 BOREL GLOBAL FELLOWS in Plant and Soil Sciences

Program Overview The Master of Science program in Plant and Soil Sciences at the University of Delaware provides training across areas encompassing plant molecular biology and genomics, genetics, breeding, pathology, physiology, agronomy, horticulture and landscape design. The program is designed to take two years to complete. During the first year, students take graduate-level courses that will provide them with a foundation in plant science. At the same time, students work closely with a faculty advisor to conduct research and begin writing their thesis. Students typically dedicate the fourth and final semester to finishing and presenting their thesis work. Borel Global Fellow, 2016 Focus Areas Emphasis is on plant breeding and genetics solutions for managing crop disease and more broadly for strengthening plant breeding programs. Potential research topics include: (i) phenotyping methods and tools for plant breeding; (ii) characterizing or establishing new germplasm resources for crop improvement; (iii) genetic and/or genomic characterization of disease resistance or characteristics associated with disease resistance; (iv) development and/or deployment of software and tools to increase the productivity of plant breeding programs. Research topics on maize is preferred but not required. Of particular interest are projects that will lead to improvements in smallholder farm productivity. For Applicants Refer to Borel Global Fellows main site for complete details about how to apply.