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Yaqoob Thurston (2009) In 5/2010 he was working on a MS in plant molecular genetics at Delaware State Univ.
Shakara Tyler (2009) In 2/2011 she was working on a MS in ag and resource economics at Michigan State Univ.
Kishana (Williamson) Taylor (2009) In 2/2013 she was finishing a MS in public health microbiology and emerging infectious disease at George Washington Univ. In 3/2016 she was working on a PhD in interdisciplinary biomedical sciences with a focus in disease ecology.
Rochelle Day (2010) In 2/2013 she was finishing a DVM at Ross University School of Veterinary Medicine.
Kamedra McNeil (2010) In 5/2012, she completed a BS in molecular biology. In early 2014 she finished a MS degree in computer information with a concentration in forensic sciences. In 11/2014 she was working for the US Dept of Forensic Science as a forensic science technician.
Shurnevia Strickland (2010) In 5/2011 she was finishing a MS in animal science with UD CANR-ANFS’s Dr. Carl Schmidt.
Stephanie Chew (2011) By 2/2013 she had done two internships with Dupont that led to her working within Health and Nutrition R&D at Dupont’s Waukesha, WI site. In 9/2015 she started a MS in animal biology at UC-Davis.
Bianca Morales (2011) In 11/2014 she was working for American Energy Corporation as a commercial and residential energy auditor.
Walker Jones (2012) In 7/2015 he completed a MS in agricultural and natural resource economics with UD CANR-APEC’s Dr. Kent Messer. In 6/2016 he started working as an agricultural marketing specialist for USDA-GIPSA in Aurora, CO.
Bianca Riddick (2012) In 5/2016 she completed a MS in plant pathology with UD CANR-PLSC’s Dr. Nicole Donofrio.
Colleen McClatchy (2013) In 5/2014 she completed her BS in Chemistry then took a job with Agilent Technologies.
Shyanne Miller (2013) In 5/2017 she completed a MA in sustainable development from SIT (School for International Training) Graduate Institute (Vermont). Her specialization is policy advocacy and analysis. She has also worked with the Rodel Foundation of Delaware as policy fellow.
Michelle Paukett (2014) In 5/2015 she completed two BS degrees as well as a minor, all from UD CANR, then started a MS at Texas A&M Univ.
Simone Jimenez (2015) In 9/2017 she was working as a Biological Science Aid for USDA Subtropical Horticulture Research Station, Miami, FL.