2017 Participants

9-22-17_TNS Students selected for the 2017 program were Mikaela Carty, Alexandra Cole, Darielle Lewis-Sanders, Danielle Mikolajewski, and Briana Young. The following information pertains to the time of their participation in the Summer Institute. Mikaela Carty was advised by Dr. Angelia Seyfferth in UD’s Dept. of Plant and Soil Sciences. School: Wesleyan University / Major: molecular biology and biochemistry Project: Changes in Si Plant Availability in Rice Paddy Soil Due to Rice Residue Incorporation and Three Years of Rice Growth Read Mikaela’s poster abstract here. Alexandra Cole was advised by Dr. Leah Palm-Forster in UD’s Dept. of Applied Economics and Statistics. School: Northern Arizona University / Major: environmental science Project: Civic Agriculture: Finding Marketing Strategies for Community Gardens Read Alexandra’s poster abstract here. Darielle Lewis-Sanders was advised by Dr. Calvin Keeler in UD’s Dept. of Animal and Food Sciences. School: Spelman College / Major: biology Project: Cloning and Expression of Avian Genes Read Darielle’s poster abstract here. Danielle Mikolajewski was advised by Dr. Nicole Donofrio in UD’s Dept. of Plant and Soil Sciences. School: UD / Major: plant science / environmental soil science Project: Disruption of the Genome of Rice Blast to Identify Genes Involved in Production of Reactive Oxygen Species Read Danielle’s poster abstract here. Briana Young was advised by Dr. Kalmia Kniel in UD’s Dept. of Animal and Food Sciences. School: Central Michigan University / Major: cultural and global studies Project: Comparative Analysis of Multiple vs. Single Pass Filtration Techniques Using Zero-Valent Iron Read Briana’s poster abstract here.