Advising Q & A

Who is my advisor? Advisors are assigned following New Student Orientation.  You can determine your advisor by logging into UDSIS.  Your advisor will provide guidance for course selection, progress toward graduation, experiential experiences, and post-graduation planning. If you would like to change your advisor, please contact our office at (302) 831-2508. How often should I meet with my advisor? It is recommended that you meet with your advisor at least once a semester to discuss your academics, schedule courses, track your progress toward graduation, and to learn about opportunities in your field.  Students, who meet with their advisor at least once a semester, tend to perform better academically. How can I make the most of my advising appointments? When corresponding with your advisor via e-mail, always include your full name and student ID number. If requesting an appointment, provide at least three alternative days and times along with the reason for the appointment.  Go to your appointment prepared. Know the goals of your appointment.  If you will be discussing classes for next semester, bring a list of courses you are considering. What is a degree audit and why is it important? A degree audit is an individualized advising resource that assists you in monitoring your academic progress.  This tool allows you to clearly see which degree requirements you have fulfilled and which you still need to complete. Degree audits can be found on UDSIS, and they are what we use to clear you for your degree. In other words, if something is listed as “not satisfied” on your audit, you will not be cleared for graduation. All requirements on your degree audit must be satisfied to receive your diploma. Please see your academic advisor with any questions you may have. What should I do if my degree audit is wrong? If something does not look accurate on your degree audit, i.e. the course you took for your 2nd writing requirement is not showing up, you should contact your advisor.  Although course substitutions are rarely made, there are times when a substitution is warranted and your advisor will assist you with this process. What is the “UCanDoIt” program? UCanDoIt is an advisement program for students placed on academic probation, students that have a cumulative GPA under 2.0, or students with a semester GPA under 2.0. Katie Daly, Academic Program Coordinator, provides academic support and guidance for CANR students. Support includes: individual assessment of academic needs, referral to appropriate resources, and periodic appointments to discuss academic progress. To schedule an appointment, please contact her via phone at (302) 831-2508 or e-mail at Have an advising question?  Email us at: and we will respond within 24 hours on weekdays. Office of Undergraduate Student Services 104 Townsend Hall Newark, DE 19716 Ph (302) 831-2508 Fax (302) 831-1360 Email: Call or email us anytime!