CANR Support Services

Office of Undergraduate Student Services
104 Townsend Hall (302) 831-2508 or e-mail

AGcelerate Enrichment Program
The AGcelerate Enrichment Program offers tailored support necessary for success, including academic development and support, faculty and peer mentoring, career and internship exploration, and social and service learning activities. The AGcelerate Enrichment Program is targeted to underrepresented student populations, but all students are eligible to participate. For more information contact one of our program leaders, Dr. Erin Brannick: or Dr. Tanya Gressley:

Talk of Townsend
The Talk of Townsend is an online resource for students in the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources.  The blog is frequently updated with information about advisement, jobs and internships, scholarships, and more!

“UCanDoIt” Program for Students on Academic Probation or Having Academic Difficulty
Katie Daly, Academic Program Coordinator, provides academic support and guidance for CANR students. Support includes: referral to appropriate resources, and periodic appointments to discuss academic progress. To schedule an appointment, please contact her via phone at (302) 831-2508 or e-mail at

UD Resources

Office of Academic Enrichment
148-150 S. College Avenue (302)831-4555
Tutoring, study skills, workshops, and referrals.

Center for Counseling and Student Development
261 Perkins Student Center (302) 831-2141
Personal, educational, and career counseling in a confidential setting.

Disability Support Services Center
240 Academy Street, Alison Hall Suite 119 (302) 831-4563
Staff provides an assessment of and accommodations for your individual needs.

Math Tutorial Lab
106 Ewing Hall (302) 831-2653
Provides tutorial assistance for Math 010, all 100 level courses, Math 221, and Math 241.

Student Financial Services
Student Services Building(302) 831-2126
A useful resource for scholarship and financial aid information.

University Writing Center
016 Memorial Hall (302) 831-1168
Individual writing assistance for punctuation, grammar, organization, style, and documentation