Just for Juniors

To ensure that you will graduate on time and as planned, please review this information carefully and check off each item as you complete it. Remember: the responsibility of completing necessary degree requirements lies with you!
  • Make an appointment to meet with your academic advisor during your junior year to discuss your progress towards graduation. Use this meeting to review your requirements and plan your final year of coursework. If you have a minor, meet with your minor advisor to review those requirements as well.
  • To record your academic progress, use the online version of your degree audit in UDSIS. Be sure to follow the graduation requirements for the year you entered the university.  When senior year comes, your online audit will need to reflect that all requirements for your major(s) and minor(s) have been fulfilled.
  • Make sure you are fulfilling the requirements for your degree, including taking approved courses and completing the required number of credits. Check that you are taking courses approved for breadth and major requirements; see your catalog for verification. (Course substitutions are rarely made. However, if a substitution is warranted, your academic advisor can submit a web form on your behalf. If approved, the substitution will be reflected on your online UDSIS audit)
  • Verify that your local address and phone numbers are accurate in UDSIS or you will not receive future mailings including an invitation to graduation!
  • Verify your graduation term in UDSIS. If the date is incorrect, submit a Change Graduation Term
  • Verify that your major(s), concentration(s) and minor(s) are listed in UDSIS correctly. Use the Change Program/Plan option to delete or add any academic program.
  • Confirm that all transfer work and AP credits are accurately posted to your record and are counted in your total credits. Contact UD’s Transfer Credit Office located in the University Visitor Center if anything is inaccurate. For more information, please visit: http://www.udel.edu/registrar/transfer/ .
  • Complete coursework for any courses with a Sustaining (S) or Incomplete (I) grade and make sure your professor submits a change of grade form.
  • Watch your mail at the beginning of your senior year for more important information about taking the necessary steps to graduate on time!
  • Don’t wait until the last minute to request transfer credit approval to be posted to your record.
  • Don’t count ENGL 166 as credit for ENGL 110. For ENGL 110 credit, a petition must be submitted to the ENGL Dept.
  • Don’t double count credits. Courses repeated to improve a passing grade may not be counted a second time toward the minimum total required credit hours.
  • If you use a course to fulfill two requirements, you can only count the credits one time.
  • Don’t use unapproved courses to fulfill your University and/or College Breadth requirements! Refer to the online catalog for approved courses. Remember that you must complete all University Breadth requirements with a grade of C- or higher, and four different subject areas must be represented.
  • Don’t count non-credit courses into your credit total (i.e. MATH 010 or ENGL 011)
  • Don’t forget the C- and/or GPA rules in some department’s major requirements – check your catalog.
  • Don’t forget to make sure you meet your TOTAL credit requirement and have a 2.0 Cumulative GPA. All majors in the CANR require 124 credits unless otherwise noted. Just because you have completed all of your required courses doesn’t mean you’ve met your TOTAL credit or CUM GPA requirement.
For more information stop by the Office of Undergraduate Student Services in 104 Townsend Hall, call (302) 831-2508, or email us at anr-academics@udel.edu.