Just for Seniors

Graduation Check-out Process
Just like you were required to apply for admission into the College of Agriculture and Natural Resources (CANR) at UD, you must also apply to graduate. Checklist
  • If you are a CANR student planning to graduate, you must complete an Application for Graduation Clearance. As a senior, you will not be cleared to graduate, nor permitted to walk in graduation ceremonies, if the paperwork has not been turned into the Office of Undergraduate Student Services in 104 Townsend Hall. The deadline to apply is May 1st for Fall and Winter graduates and December 1st for Spring and Summer graduates.
  • Make an appointment to meet with your academic advisor and use this meeting to review your online Degree Audit for your major(s) and minor(s) and to verify your final semester.
1. During this appointment:
  • Verify that your graduation term is correct in UDSIS
  • Confirm that you will satisfy ALL degree requirements with the completion of the courses you plan to take during your graduation term semester.
  • Make sure you fulfill your requirements by taking courses approved for breadth and major requirements based upon the catalog year you entered the university not the year you plan to graduate. (i.e. Do not use the Fall 2015 catalog if you entered in 2012.)
  • Confirm you have the minimum number of credits for graduation. Don’t forget to include currently enrolled courses.
  • Confirm that you will satisfy your FYE and DLE requirements.
  • Finalize the degree checkout process by having your advisor sign a copy of the “Application for Graduation Clearance” form.
  • Any course substitutions/waivers must be submitted online by your advisor or department chairperson. Only the department chairperson can approve substitutions/waivers for major or minor requirements; Only Dean Yackoski can approve substitutions/waivers for university/college requirements.
  • (Honors degree students only) Confirm your progress towards your honors degree requirements with the Honors Program as they will clear you for your honors degree, not the CANR.
2. Verify that your major(s), concentration(s) and minor(s) are listed correctly in UDSIS. Use the online Change of Program/Plan form to delete or add any academic program. 3. Make sure you complete course work for any Incomplete (I) or Sustaining (S) grades. 4. Review the following list of common errors that prevent students from graduating and don’t let it happen to you!
  • You cannot count ENGL 166 for ENGL 110. It is not permitted.
  • You cannot double count credits. If you took a course more than once, you can only count the credits ONE time, even if you got a better grade. Also, if you used a course to fulfill two requirements, you can only count the credits one time.
  • Courses must be approved to fulfill University and College Breadth requirements. Refer to your catalog for a list of approved courses. Remember that you must complete all University Breadth requirements with a grade of C- or higher, and four different subject areas must be represented.
  • Don’t forget that Math 010 or ENGL 011 are non-credit courses and counting them for credit is not permitted.
  • Don’t forget the C- and/or GPA rules in some departments’ major requirements. Be sure to check your catalog.
  • You must have at least a 2.0 or higher cumulative GPA to graduate.
  • Make sure you check the minimum number of credits required for your major as each major varies.
5. Watch your email for information on Commencement and Convocation ceremonies and cap & gown information. See http://www.udel.edu/commencement for up-to-date information. 6. If you have additional questions, stop by the Undergraduate Student Services Office in 104 Townsend Hall; call (302) 831-2508; or email anr-academics@udel.edu.