Susan Barton


  • University of Delaware, Plant Protection, Ph.D.
    Dissertation: Enhancing Delaware Highways: A Natural Vegetation Project.
  • North Carolina State University, Ornamental Horticulture M.S. Thesis: Influence of Temperature, Stratification, Light and Media on Germination of Sourwood (Oxydendrum arboreum (L) DC.)
  • University of Delaware, Plant Science, B.S.

Current Courses

Undergraduate education:

  • PLSC 100 – Plants and Human Culture
  • PLSC 206 – Farm to Table
  • PLSC 332 – Landscape Architecture Symposium
  • PLSC 364 – Landscape Horticulture Internship
  • PLSC 403 – Landscape Management


  • Roadside Vegetation Management (Enhancing Delaware Highways and management of vegetation under guardrails)
  • Promoting Sustainable Landscapes (Plants for a Livable Delaware)


  • Extension Specialist for Ornamental Horticulture
    • Industry Meetings – Delaware Horticulture Industry Expo, Summer Landscape Expo, Ornamentals Research Expo, Ornamental and Turf Workshop, Industry Short Courses
    • Newsletters – Ornamentals Hotline, DNLA News

Professional Activities

  • American Society of Horticultural Sciences, Past Vice President for Extension
  • American Public Gardens Association, Member
  • HortTechnology, Consulting Editor for Extension Education Methods, Editorial Board Member

Recent Publications

Arnold, M.A. and M.H. Meyer, W.T. Rhodus and S.S. Barton. 2017. HortIM™. An online peer review system for horticultural teaching and extension instructional materials. HortTechnology, 27(2) in press.

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Contact Information
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Professor and Extension Specialist

Plant and Soil Sciences
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