Harsh Bais


  • Colorado State University, Root Biology, Postdoc., 2000-2005
  • CFTRI, Mysore, India, Plant Biotechnology, Ph.D., 1996-2000
  • BITS, Pilani, India, Biochemical Engineering, M.E, 1994-1996

Current Courses

  • Introductory Plant Physiology (PLSC410)
  • Rhizosphere Biochemistry (PLSC667)


  • http://bais.dbi.udel.edu/index.html
  • My rhizosphere biology research is focused on understanding the biological significance of root exudation. Though root exudation clearly represents a significant carbon cost to the plant, the mechanisms and regulatory processes controlling root secretion are just now beginning to be examined. Root-root, root-microbe, and root-nematode communications are continuous occurrences in the rhizosphere, but due to the underground nature of roots, these intriguing interactions have largely been overlooked. My laboratory’s research is taking a multidisciplinary approach by interfacing plant biology and chemistry to unravel the underground communication process.
Professional Activities

  • American Society of Plant Biologists (ASPB)
  • Phytochemical Society of North America (PSNA)
  • Society for plant neurobiology (SPN)
  • Associate Editor: Plant and Soil, In Vitro -Plant, Plant signaling & Behavior, Integrative and Communicative Biology

Recent Publications

1. Rudrappa, T., Bonsall, J., Gallagher, J.L., Seliskar, D., Bais, H.P. (2007) Root-secreted allelochemical in the noxious weed Phragmites australis deploys a reactive oxygen species response and microtubule assembly disruption to execute rhizotoxicity. J. Chemical Ecology. (In Press).

2. Rudrappa, T., Quinn, W.J., Wall-Stanley, R.N., Bais, H.P. (2007) A degradation product of the salicylic acid pathway triggers oxidative stress resulting in down-regulation of Bacillus subtilis biofilm formation on Arabidopsis thaliana roots. Planta. 226: 283-97.

3. Rudrappa, T., and Bais, H.P. (2007). Arabidopsis thaliana Root Surface Chemistry Regulates in Planta Biofilm Formation of Bacillus subtilis. Plant Signaling & Behavior. 2007; Vol. 2 Issue 5, e1-e3.

4. Bais, H.P., Weir, T.L., Perry, L.G., Gilroy, S., Vivanco. J.M. (2006) The role of root exudates in rhizosphere interactions with plants and other organisms. Annu. Rev. Plant Biol. 57:233–66.

5. Weir T.L., Bais H.P., Stull V.J., Callaway R.M., Thelen G.C., Ridenour W.M., Bhamidi S., Stermitz F.R., Vivanco J.M. 2006. Oxalate contributes to the resistance of Gaillardia grandiflora and Lupinus sericeus to a phytotoxin produced by Centaurea maculosa. Planta. 223:785-95.


Contact Information
Harsh Bais

Associate Professor

Plant and Soil Sciences
Delaware Technology Park
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Phone: (302) 831- 4889
Fax number: (302) 831- 3447
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