Jing Qiu, PhD

  • Ph.D. in Statistics, August, 2004, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
  • M.S. in Statistics, January 2002, Cornell University, Ithaca, New York
  • B.S. in Information Management and Decision Theory, July 1998, University of Science & Technology of China, Hefei, P.R. China.
Research Interests Analysis of high dimensional data, statistical modeling of genomics data, gene expression data analysis, DNA methylation analysis, high dimensional equivalence test, confidence intervals for selected means, multiple testing, Bayesian modeling. Selected Publications Cui, S.^, Ji., T., Li, J.^, Chen, J., Qiu., J. * (2016) What if we ignore the random effects when analyzing RNA-seq data in a multifactor experiment. Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology, accepted. Wang, H.^, He, Z., Kushwaha, G.^, Xu, D. and Qiu., J.* (2016) A full Bayesian partition model for identifying hypo- and hyper-methylated loci from single nucleotide resolution sequencing data, BMC Bioinformatics 17(Suppl 1):7, 71-83. Qiu, J., Qi, Y. and Cui, X (2014) Applying shrinkage variance estimators to the TOST test in high dimensional settings, Statistical Applications in Genetics and Molecular Biology, 13(3), 323-41. Choi, J., Tanaka, K., Cao, Y., Qi, Y., Qiu, J., Liang, Y., Lee, S. Y., Stacey, G. (2014) Identification of a Plant Receptor for Extracellular ATP, Science 343, 290-294. Liang, Y., Cao, Y., Tanaka, K., Thibivilliers, S., Wan, J., Choi, J., Kang, C. H., Qiu, J., and Stacey , G. (2013) Nonlegumes Respond to Rhizobial Nod Factors by Suppressing the Innate Immune Response, Science, 341, 1384-1387. Hwang, J.T.G., Qiu, J. and Zhao, Z. (2009) Empirical Bayes Confidence Intervals Shrinking Both Means and Variances, Journal of Royal Statistical Society, Series B, 71, 265-285 Qiu, J. and Hwang J.T.G. (2007), Sharp Simultaneous Intervals for the Means of Selected Populations with Application to Microarray Data Analysis, Biometrics, 63, 767-776. Cui, X., Hwang J.T.G., Qiu, J., Blades, N.J. and Churchill, G.A. (2005), Improved Statistical Tests for Differential Gene Expression by Shrinking Variance Components Estimates, Biostatistics, 6, 59-75.
Contact Information Jing Qiu, PhD

Associate Professor of Statistics

Applied Economics and Statistics 215 Townsend Hall 531 S. College Avenue Newark, DE, 19716 Phone: (302) 831-1312 Fax number: (302) 831-6243 Email: qiujing@udel.edu